Sharing your story; powerful, meaningful…& a little tricky!

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If you’ve ever felt called to share your story or write your memoirs, here’s a little tale about a support system designed to help you navigate the tricky bits…

A short story about life story writing

Once upon a time…

There was a dharma-loving creativity coach who adored her audience so much that she was always looking for ways to make their creative adventures easier and more fun.

One day, she sent them a quick survey to see if they’d ever felt called to share their stories or write their life stories, and if they faced any challenges with that worthy wish.

To her delight, she received a truly inspiring response from people who wanted to create their memoirs, share personal stories online, or use writing as a healing journey.

But many of them were stopped or stalled by issues of self-doubt, vulnerability, confusion or concerns of privacy. (All totally normal stumbling blocks on the storyteller’s path.)

So our devoted coach eagerly got to work, and within a day or so (thanks to her Flow Productivity Blueprint), she had created a specialist support service to help with the unique challenges of telling our life stories.

She called her new offering…

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“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”


Adventures in memoir-writing

Our storyteller-champion was SO excited to reveal her new service – because she’d been sharing her own stories for over a decade, which for a privacy-loving introvert, had not always been an easy process.

But eventually she had discovered the power, connection and healing that can come from telling our stories.

Over time, she’d gone on to write four non-fiction books – all of them based on her own stories, history and experience.

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{ You can read more about those book-writing adventures here. }

Help with blogging & memoir-writing

With her new Story Well support service, she was excited to share all she’d learned to help anyone who felt called or ready to write their own stories.

Whether they wanted to…

– write a memoir

– become more comfortable blogging

– record life stories for future generations

– use life experiences in fictional works

– write as a form of therapeutic expression

– make sense of the past

…our devoted coach knew well that support, guidance and encouragement can make a world of difference.

Because those subtle-yet-powerful inner voices of resistance can become particularly vocal when we embark on the brave work of telling our stories and sharing our inner world. 

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Is it time to share your story? 

And so, dear reader, if you too have ever wanted to enter the magical (and sometimes a little scary) world of memoir-writing and life-storytelling, the Story Well specialist email coaching programme is ready and waiting to help you.

Clicking this button will take you there – where happy endings await…

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PS You may be wondering what I know about memoir writing? 

Well, along with 14+ years of writing (and publishing*) memoir-style books and blog posts, I also wrote a book-length writing memoir back in 2014, which includes stories of how writing helped me during a difficult phase of my life.

(At the time, I thought it would be a good idea to share extracts from my private journals – the lengths I’ll go to, to inspire my readers!)

There are more details below if you’re curious about my journey or you love to read about writers and their varied paths:

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My writing memoir; 

A rollercoaster journey to the bestseller lists. 

*If you’ve ever hovered over the Publish button for a memoir-style blog post, you’ll know the next-level courage it can take to go from writing to publishing. 

This is precisely why I created Story Well – to help you navigate the tricky bits, the aspects of the storytelling journey that stop us in our tracks. 

“You honour life by sharing your story.”


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Story Well: Writing for wellbeing, meaning or memoir

Support for writing and sharing your story

Designed for writers, introverts and quiet creatives – an (introvert-friendly) support system for writing and sharing your story,

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This is for you if;

• You’d like to feel more comfortable sharing your personal history

• You feel called to write your memoir

• You want to make peace with your past through writing therapy

• You’d enjoy support and guidance for sharing your stories online

• You love to write and would like to explore the power of storytelling

“The power of words and writing things down is bigger than you can ever imagine.

When I signed up for Story Well I needed help with my marketing emails and channelling my thoughts.

What I’ve gained was way more than that.

Susanne Kurz

Inspirational Sewing Instructor,

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