Welcome to Day 5 of Rhoda Jordan’s Abundance Challenge

I’m delighted to be hosting Day 5 of Rhoda’s challenge and today we’re going to get creative!


Because there is a link between the flow of creative expression and the flow of abundance in your life.

And today’s challenges are designed to help you to enjoy more of both.

Are you ready to begin?


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Creative flow & abundance

For today’s challenge, we’re going to explore a vital ingredient of a rich and fulfilling life:

Creative expression. 

Creative expression is your spirit, your true essence, working though you.

This flow is one of life’s ultimate experiences.

And we can harness this powerful force to attract abundance of all kinds; emotional, spiritual and financial.

When you’re living the joy of expressing your unique creativity, you are in a powerful state of allowing.

When you combine that happy state with clarity on your desires and a heightened feeling of abundance – you become magnetic to the good life.

And by breathing life into your creative spirit, you reconnect with the source of your inspiration.

Becoming more inspired can help in all aspects of your life.

Sometimes the answer to your prayers is just an inspired thought.

And solutions to financial issues will begin to appear more frequently and more quickly, as you tune in more to your creative genius.

Ever heard of a million dollar idea?

Great ideas can create fortunes. 

Tapping into your inspiration and creativity can make all aspects of life flow so much smoother – including your finances.

So, in the spirit of creating happier levels of prosperity – let’s rekindle your creative spark!


You are creative

Everyone can be creative, it just shows up in different ways. 

It may be writing, painting, dance, song, movement, photography, drawing or crafting, or it may be life-designing, home-making, running a business….or something the world doesn’t even know about yet!

Everyone has their unique zone of creative brilliance.

If you’ve forgotten yours, get exploring – it’s in there somewhere. 

Take a tip from ‘inner world’ expert Carl Jung and cast your mind back to what you loved to do before the demands of grown-up living got in the way…


Whatever your flavour of creativity, when you direct time and energy and attention to what you love to create, life becomes rich with the ultimate luxuries of joy and meaning. 

And not only is this expression a magical, fun, relaxed and abundant way to enjoy your journey on this planet – it can help you open to receive and allow more of the blessings that are available for you right now, including financial miracles and more successful outcomes from your efforts. 

All this from just a little creative play? 


This is the power of your creative self – so, shall we get started?

Abundance Challenge Day #5 : Creative Expression

1. Declare your unique creative gift. 

What’s your favourite way to express your unique and brilliant brand of creativity?

Say it out loud!  “I love to ____________”

If you haven’t been in touch with your creative spirit for a while, it may take some time to answer this – so take some time.

It matters!

• • •

2. : Brainstorm using this I feel abundant! Workbook

DOWNLOAD THIS WORKBOOK (right/option click) and use it to get clear on what thrills you and lights you up.

What kind of abundance is calling you? What does it look like? How does it feel?

Have fun with this and take your time – and revel in the powerful, magnetic feelings of abundance.

• • •

3. Time to get creative!

Use the items from your worksheet and express them using your unique creativity.  

You may want to use the gifts you declared in Question 1.

Or you might be inspired to try a new way to express these ideas and feelings.

Eg, write a song, create a painting, craft a vision board, buy a symbol of abundant living for your home.

There’s only one rule for this bit: enjoy the process. 

It must excite you and inspire you and fill you with that magnetic feeling of aliveness.

If it doesn’t, keep looking for the thing that will.

• • •

4. If you feel inspired to share, share in the comments below and tell us about your creative gifts and what you created. 

You might inspire someone else who is interested in the same thing, or connect with someone who is seeking your kind of creative work.

This kind of life-enhancing connection is another a form of abundance, sparking new ideas and motivation.

• • •

When you get inspired and in touch with your creative spirit – you open up to the rich flow of abundance that’s heading your way.

Have fun, and I can’t wait to hear about your creations!

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