Restoring Faith & Emotional Calm in Difficult Times

Restoring Faith Emotional Calm in Difficult Times (3 Free Resources for Creatives)
As we navigate difficult times, I’m guessing that you, like so many of us, are trying to strike the right balance between focusing on your life’s everyday challenges and delights, and caring deeply about events in the wider world.

Even speaking as a Libra star sign – the balance specialists – I have to admit, it can be a tricky balance to strike.

As I wonder what words to share with you this week, it’s difficult to know what will be the most helpful, what you most need to see right now.

And yet, I’m committed to supporting both your creativity and wellbeing, and so today I’d love to support you on two levels;

Emotional calm.

• The strength to do what you need to do, to be the best version of that you can be right now.

And to those ends I offer you these creations that have emerged from both my personal trials and the collective challenges in recent years;

recommended remedies for emotional calm


inspiring powerful short prayers for creatives



Fuel for your Phoenix Power

While I’ve been blessed with many happy times amid the challenges, I’ve also been dealing with a long-standing personal challenge that I’m determined to conquer.

I’ll share more when I emerge from the Messy Middle, but in the meantime, I felt called to share with you one of my homemade mantras that’s been helping me remember my Phoenix Power whenever things start to feel overwhelming…

i can & will rise from this empowering affirmations for emotional calm creativity blog

Feel free to adopt this as your anthem during any trialling times.

You may like to make a mental note, or if you could use a more tangible reminder, please print /download / pin as required.

(I recommend keeping it somewhere it will give you a boost when you most need it.)

I hope you find this affirmation as soul-soothing and spirit-sparking as I do, especially if you’re also facing a challenge that tempts you to forget your own Phoenix Power.

Because if I know the kind of people who read my musings – you can and will rise from it.

I promise. 

empower blossom emotional calm

Your contribution is perfect

I also have a request…

In the spirit of doing all that each of us can do – please, be kind to yourself. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re questioning what you should do, how you can do more.

Yet I believe that whatever is in your heart to do, the way you feel most called to respond and to help, that is your most perfect contribution. 

This looks different for all of us, but we’re all doing the best we know how. 

We can all be peace workers in small ways, and these small ways matter.

They add up collectively and contribute towards a tipping point of positivity, a critical mass that can create real change. 

They have positive ripple effects, often in powerful ways that we may never know. 

So, be gracious in accepting that your best efforts – whatever ways you’re navigating the collective challenges – are not only more than enough, they are perfect. 

And the small ways that call my heart right now are to share what I can with you, to do my bit to uplift and inspire. 

So I hope these words and resources provide some comfort, inspiration or whatever you need most right now.

Creativity & faith in humanity

Additionally, as a lifelong devotee to the power of creativity, I’d love to honour the creative spirit of people all around the world – those affected by the current trials directly, and those of us who long to help from a distance.

Whether it’s by sharing comforting and uplifting words and images, or purchasing Etsy products or AirBnB places in a bid to provide financial support, there have been so many inspiring and creative responses to the present challenges. 

It’s so encouraging that even amidst heartache and hardships, the triumph of the human spirit is like an irrepressible spark of light. 

And creativity is so often at the heart of that resilience and courage. 

It’s why my work is moving more and more in the direction of programmes such as The Creative Faith Collection – because I am committed to supporting the faith, calm and creativity that can truly make a positive difference in the world.

My hope is that these ideas will restore your belief in your own capabilities, the value of your efforts and the goodness of life.  

Because I wholeheartedly believe that that’s the version of you – of all of us – that can make the most positive difference in the world.

the creative faith collection banner copy

I’d be delighted if these resources go some way to helping you find what you most need to be your best and do your best, and to accept that your current best is more than good enough. 

Because that’s all any of us can do, and yet it can mean so much. 

So, I hope these offerings will bring peace, comfort, inspiration or creative fire to your weekend, and beyond. 

Here’s to creativity, humanity, and irrepressible light.

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
danielle raine creativity coach
PS As an eternal optimist, I’d also love to share that I’ve seen so many glimmers of hope and peace in recent weeks. 
These help me to hold my focus firmly on the highest outcomes for our collective human family and this amazing planet that we get to enjoy. 
As I shared on my Instagram this week…

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.


• • • 

creative faith definition pin copy

“Faith is not blind, it’s visionary.


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