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The Final Part of What’s Holding You Back? 

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Welcome back to the final instalment of our story.

If you missed the previous instalments, you can read those here:

Part 1: What’s holding you back?

Part 2: The Mysterious Gusto Factor

Part 3: Revealed: Those Sneaky Invisible Brakes

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Welcome to the happy ending of our journey through missing momentum, elusive G Factors and those troublesome invisible brakes.

If you’ve experienced your own case of Missing Gusto, or wrestled with your own version of invisible brakes, I hope the insights I’ve shared in this story series have helped to shed some light on past results or resistance, so you can see where you are in the process and what you need to clear the way to your visions, goals and dreams.

Here’s a quick recap of our little adventure:

1. Going for it with gusto – passionately and enthusiastically devoting ourselves to our goals and dreams – has many joyful and beneficial advantages. (For both creativity and life.)

2. We can only harness this powerful G Factor when we;

•  identify our passion or purpose

•  believe it’s possible – for us

•  remove the invisible brakes

3. When we align with the forces that automagically clear out old subconscious blocks, we allow our innate flow of positive energy to propel us towards our heart’s desires.


As I discovered during my experiments, this flow of positive energy is available to us all, at all times.

Or as one of the most shared quotes from my blog puts it:

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Finding these ‘new & improved ways’ was how I spent my 2020. 

The global restrictions were a perfect opportunity to take a step back from life’s usual busyness and assess what was working, what was making things worse, and to explore what made that crucial difference. 

Over the course of the year, I experimented with 11 lifestyle practices, some new, some refreshed older habits, and I tracked my progress and results. 

Along the way, I learned which principles were the most beneficial and then studied the concepts behind them to understand why they were so effective, and how they worked their magic on those pesky invisible brakes. 

And when I had my answers, I began compiling my findings into bitesize weekly formats that I could share. 

So, if you’ve enjoyed this story sequence and you’d like to know more about the 11 practices I played with throughout 2020 – the exercises and habits that I believe served to easily, gradually and naturally dissolve my invisible brakes – I’d love to introduce you to the full the collection in my new online coaching course.



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hello flow


11 simple practices for reducing the blocks to your innate creative flow

11 weeks, 11 simple life tweaks

After a year of focusing on these practices, combined with my decades of studying the creative process and the challenges of living a creative life, I feel these are my best strategies for dealing with resistance of all kinds (whether we’re aware of it or not.)

I’ve noticed SUCH an amazing difference in my own energy, happiness and productivity, and I hope they’re going to be just as freeing for other gusto-seeking creatives.

And the best bit?

They’re simple, doable, easy and fun!

So, I’m thrilled to finally have my new Hello Flow programme available.

And if you’d like to explore these super-simple practices that can naturally, gradually and automagically clear away old blocks, you can find out more about the do-able weekly doses here.

I’d love to help you clear some of the unnecessary resistance that’s getting in the way of your joy and success, so you can happily go for your dreams with that all-important G Factor. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual adventure through the wonderful world of creative discovery.

And I’d be delighted if my journey helps you to also find your own happy ending.

To going for it with gusto and living in flow,

danielle raine creativity coach

Would you like to continue your Hello Flow adventure? 

If you’d like to learn more about the specific nature of each of the 11 powerful practices, there are more details below, and you can see the full curriculum of each weekly focus here.

Hi! I'm Danielle.

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More productivity.  Less anxiety.

11 effortless practices.

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A collection of 11 simple strategies for reducing and releasing creative anxiety, resistance, self-doubt, procrastination and fear.  

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