mastermind remedies for creative blocks quiz laptop

Your current creative challenge is :

The Dip

Your remedies are : Faith, Patience, Enjoying the journey

Good news!

If you…

• Know what you want to create (or you’re happy to explore)

• Know how to do it, or are seeking the info you need

• Are making progress

…you don’t currently have any major creative blocks. 🙂

You could just be in the middle stage of the creative process – known as The Dip.

This may feel frustrating or confusing but it’s a natural part of any creative path.

And happily – there are remedies…

Potential remedies for The Dip: 

• Faith – believing in yourself, trusting the process

• Patience

• Enjoying the journey

Either DIY…

This new insight into exactly what’s stopping you in your creative process may be all you need to choose what to do next.

If so, you’re good to go!



Or get the remedy series…

If you’d prefer to fast-track your progress with expert support and guidance, you can help yourself to the Mastermind Remedy Series

This is free email series gives you 30 days of insights, wisdom and encouragement from some of the world’s greatest creative minds, specially selected to help you enjoy more of that all-important faith, patience, trust and enjoyment.

So you can create the work you’re here to create.

And enjoy the process.

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.”


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