Prayers for creatives: An affirmative prayer for faith, trust & relief

Prayers for creatives

This is one of the first prayers I designed for myself and I still turn to it often.

It’s so powerful for creatives because creativity dwells in the uncertain, the unknown, the unpredictable and as-yet-unseen. 

A degree of trust is essential in any creative life.  

But it’s not always easy!

So this prayer is designed to call in the forces* that can help us.

And if we can relax a little in the process, I find that usually helps matters.

It also makes the journey more enjoyable. 🙂 

So, from my creative heart to yours, I offer you…

An affirmative prayer for faith, trust & relief

Gratitude prayer for faith trust and relief prayers for creatives series

This prayer is another from the Prayers for Creatives collection that I believe has universal applications – use it for life beyond your creative work, such as relationships, finances, health and the future of humanity.

I sometimes think this may be the only prayer I ever need.

A divine combination of gratitude, surrender and faith – SO powerful!

Works instantly, too – expect to enjoy feelings of relief within moments. 

And keep an eye out for miracles – they seem to appear more easily when we choose to relax and trust…

PS For more divine upgrades to support your creative path, you can access the growing collection of Inspiring Short Prayers For Creatives here

* Feel free to address this to whichever name you feel most comfortable using when you call on the power you believe in.

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