Pineapple season is coming…

pineapple season is coming melanie ann layer quote
This year I discovered a new business mentor who completely upgraded my vision, my courage, my faith and – most importantly – my joy in my own entrepreneurial journey. 

I was smitten when I heard this story about pineapples…

I go back to this gem whenever I’m feeling any doubts about what’s possible or why things are taking so long. 

(This alone is such a gift – and it’s free!) 

My new inspirational mentor is Melanie Ann Layer and yesterday she announced some big news about her business – an 8-figure milestone that is impressive in itself, but when you learn how she began, at rock bottom, with less than nothing, it’s even more remarkable and inspiring. 

To celebrate making over $10m so far this year, Melanie is going back to her roots and offering her celebratory programme at the prices she charged when she first began. 

But only for a limited time. 

And rather excitingly, the prices are going up a little every day in a bid to encourage her audience to trust their intuition and to back their dreams. 

I am so 1000% behind what she is up to in the world that I signed up immediately, even without knowing any of the details – I just trust her heart and know that her wisdom is worth its weight in gold. 

And so, I’m doing something I have never done before – sharing her work as an affiliate, because I feel so strongly that heart-centred commercial success is not only possible for us all, I believe it’s a ray of hope for humanity.

“$10 million in five and half months…

This is what happens when you don’t give up.
This is what happens when you keep going,
no matter what.

… Together we rise.”

~ Melanie Ann Layer

So, if you’re on an entrepreneurial journey, and you value purpose-driven service, inspiring connections and changing the world doing what you love – I highly recommend you take a look at Melanie’s Pay-It-Forward offer ASAP, as the price is nudging up daily.

And if you’re new to her world and what her Alpha Femme brand stands for, you can discover her magic in her own words here…

Melanie’s programmes usually cost multiple thousands of dollars and they’re universally regarded as being worth every penny, so I felt I had to share this chance to tap into her gems and her world-changing mission with this inspiring one-off opportunity. 

CAUTION: This offer requires a leap of faith! More info will be released but as it is, the price goes up.

It’s such a bold and scary/exciting campaign that’s already creating such a buzz online – I’m intrigued to see how it plays out. 

I’m just glad I’ll be on the inside to see it.

So, I hope you’ll explore Melanie’s world and see if her latest fun appeals to you and your inner braveheart entrepreneur.  

I hope her mission is as much of a game-changer for you as has it has been for me.

UPDATE: This offer has now been revealed as the Femmepire Masterclass, which explores the dawn of an inspiring and empowering new paradigm for female entrepreneurs.

And, as expected – it’s SO good! One of my favourite snippets; 

“There’s more to this human experience,
we just have to be brave enough to go for it.”

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PS If you do decide to take the leap and join the fun using my affiliate link (the big blue button above), I’ll be gifting copies of my own new programme Hello Flow to support your new phase of inspired thriving. 

I can’t wait to share this journey with you! 🙂 

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