The paradox that can boost confidence & mastery

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Caution: This tip makes no sense – but it works! Like magic.

An illogical strategy for success

(With inexplicable, yet wonderful, results.)

I’d love to share with you an idea that’s been blossoming in my life over the last couple of years – one that seems completely illogical at first glance, but seems to work regardless!

It’s something that may be particularly helpful if you’ve ever thought you needed to be more qualified before you share your wisdom, brilliance or experience with others.

But as it seems to be universally successful in boosting confidence and mastery, I also feel it’s something that could benefit creatives of all stripes.

And what is this curiously effective strategy?

Allow me to demonstrate the concept with some Case Studies from my own bumpy path.


It all began back in 2019…


In 2019, I was desperately craving career clarity and the kind of joyful purpose-work I’d learned about in my studies of dharma.

Even though I was far from an expert, even though this was the topic I most needed to master, I began to share the little bits that I had learned.

Within a year, I felt I had truly discovered my dharma.

Your Creative Dharma is the result of that journey.

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In early 2020, I was battling deep internal fears (I’m sure I wasn’t alone), as well as chronic procrastination patterns.

Even though I was struggling with my own issues, I began helping others enjoy more inner calm and inspired productivity.

Within a few months, I had found a new level of calm confidence and creative flow that made procrastination a thing of the past and many old fears a dim memory.

Hello Flow is the collection of those principles.

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By 2021, I’d noticed that my work, as much as I loved it, was lacking what I felt was a crucial element to both my optimum success and my enjoyment of the journey.

That key ingredient was a deep sense of faith, trust and belief in myself, my work and the nature of life to support me.

Even though I was craving more certainty in my own work, I began collating all the insights and ideas I’d explored over the years around the role of belief in the creative process.

Within weeks, many of my old patterns of doubt and worry just seemed to disappear – so much so that I found it hard to imagine why I’d been so troubled by the past concerns that had kept me stuck and/or playing small.

The Creative Faith Collection is the treasury of that focus.

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This year, after dabbling with many manifestation techniques over the last couple of decades, I finally decided it was time to get to grips with a reliable process and a clear understanding of what really creates the results in my life.

Though I still had many unanswered questions, I began putting together a framework, based on the lovely formula that appeared during my recent early morning epiphany.

Within days, the concepts I’d been trying to learn were beginning to manifest in my life in ways that took my breath away – cue tears of joy and much happy dancing!

The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving is the blueprint for my working theory of cocreation.

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A confidence-boosting paradox

Can you see a pattern forming here?!

I’m sharing these timelines to highlight what I’ve found to be true:

Teaching what we need to learn can work, like magic.

It’s proving to be a sure fire strategy for success in my life – even though it completely defies logic.

And I’m delighted to report that the latest example – my guide to the art of manifestation – is taking this idea to a whole new and very exciting level.

The more I share my ideas about intentionally creating the results we want to see in our lives, the more these types of results are seemingly falling in my lap!

It’s been a pretty mind-blowing couple of weeks – with results appearing in ways even more exciting and inspiring than I’d thought to imagine.

How does that work?!!?

This is exactly the question I’m sharing my insights around in The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving, and as this work is still a lovely work in progress, I’ve reopened my invitation for Beta Testers to join me in this journey of discovery.

So, if this is an area you’d love to enjoy more magical results, I’d love to share with you my findings so far.

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Confidence, karma & magic

But regardless of the type of challenge you’re facing, I invite you to consider playing with the curious magic of this paradoxical approach – that one way to begin any kind of progress in any area is to teach what we need to learn

Even though it seems to make no logical sense – somehow, it works. Like magic. 

Perhaps its the confidence boost we get from teaching… 

Perhaps it’s the good karma of helping others with what we’ve learned, however incomplete… 

Whatever the mysterious magic at play, I’ve learned that imperfect, nervous steps in the right direction have a habit of taking us where we want to go. 

I hope this idea helps you to imagine how you could offer your own wisdom or share your brilliance – even before you have all the credentials you think you need to have in place. 

Because I believe that teaching others is a strategy for mastering a skill within ourselves.

And everyone has something of value to share. 

So, if there’s something you’ve been struggling with, I invite you to experiment with this seemingly illogical route to success

What do you most want to master?

How can you share what you’ve learned so far? 

Or if you’ve already experienced the delightful benefits of this strategy for yourself, I would LOVE to hear about it! 

Wishing you a weekend of inspiring success and inexplicable magic, 

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PS If you’d like to explore the full range of teaching that resulted from my learning pursuits, you can access the entire collection over on Creative Well

And the All Inclusive Pass makes these potent creative upgrades even more accessible. 

There are more details below if you’d like to fast-track your progress and benefit from my learning-&-teaching journey of the last 10 years.


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