New Year Planning Resources for Creatives

Twixmas new year planning resources for creatives

Twixmas & New Year Planning Tips & Tools

– Designed for Creatives

As an avid planner and envisioner, I LOVE this time of year.

It’s such a unique opportunity to assess and envision, and the Twixmas / New Year period brings with it a potent energy to support our visions and goals.

So, to help you make the most of this special time, I’ve put together some of my favourite End of Year Review & New Year Planning tips and tools.

Because it can make such a difference to the following year, when we reset and recalibrate before diving into our shiny New Year visions and plans.

So, I hope you’ll give yourself and your creative dreams the gift of time and loving attention during this seasonal hiatus.

And I would LOVE to hear about your Big Dreams and Creative Visions for the year ahead.

Welcome to my growing collection of human-friendly New Year Planning Resources…

twixmas woman windowsill mug thinking

Discove the restorative joy of Twixmas and the potent End-of-Year practice that is perfect for this annual breather.

Celebrate success habit for life

How to make a habit of this mindset-boost that can have beneficial and far-reaching effects, long after the champagne corks have been cleared away.

3. A virtual New Year retreat – for creatives

twixmas review renew retreat on laptop with copper mug

A short-yet-potent virtual retreat that guides you through this end-of-year / New Year energy perfectly.

Designed specifically for creative people.

(Because we have different values and goals to mainstream definitions of success.)

CAUTION: Only explore this option if you want to feel lit up and energised by your vision for next year! 

veuve cliquot champagne celebration success best affirmations creativity blo

Could these 3 magic words be the all-time best affirmations for success, happiness & automagic flow?!

How to design your life danielle raine creativity blog home page

How to view the year ahead as an exciting design challenge, where you are the VIP client who deserves nothing less than the best that’s possible.

designing your life burnett evans book copy

Discover the many happy benefits of the empowered approach of living with intention and by design.

All Year resolution success tip

Not a fan of conventional New Year Resolutions?

Instead of missing out on the potential benefits, try the gentler, subtler tactic of The All Year Resolution.

3 meaning numerology creativity freedom affluence joy

If choosing a word for the year is proving to be a challenge, I invite you to choose your New Year number instead…

Welcome to the rich and fascinating world of numerology!

creativity blog 4 letter word of the year that connects you to your soul

The single word (+ extended mantra) that can help you connect to your soul and stay aligned with what matters to you in the year ahead.

Plus tips & ideas for your perfect Word of The Year.

How somehow postcard inspiring gift for creatives

Wondering if or how you can bring your New Year Vision to life? 

This 3-word mantra will help you become a self-fulfilling prophecy of success…

There you have it – my collection (so far) of tips, tools and techniques for some human-friendly New Year planning and envisioning.

If you’re wondering where to start or which to choose, this Bespoke New Year Tip Tool will help you find the perfect post for you. 

I hope you find these tips helpful in creating a balanced, sustainable and enjoyable relationship with your visions, goals and Big Dreams.

Because I wholeheartedly believe that healthy, happy and fulfilled creatives are a bright ray of hope for our amazing planet.

It’s why I’m obsessed with this holistic approach to our best creations and lives, and I’m sure I’ll be adding even more of soul-soothing tips to this collection – so please do come back next year!

In the meantime, if you find these tips helpful in creating your best year ever – I’d LOVE to hear about your adventures. 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful New Year planning experience and a wealth of creative happiness in the year ahead, and beyond.

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If a healthy, balanced, sustainable and holistic approach is your preferred route to success and happiness, you can find out more about the many benefits of this kind of creative support in my new Starter Kit.

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