My 3 Top Tips for finding your dharma

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Although I’m still joyfully immersed in Book Creation mode, I have a short-and-very-sweet story to share with you from my work this week…

The joy of finding your dharma

When clients make you cry (in a good way)

I recently received some client feedback that made me cry.

Happily, they were tears of joy.

The feedback was an absolute delight because my client was seeing some incredible results that she was thrilled about – seeing results like this (and the lovely ripple effects they create) always makes my day.

But what moved me to tears on this particular occasion was the increasing sense of alignment that I’ve been enjoying in my work.

A growing feeling of being on track, on purpose, in my own uniquely-perfect zone of contribution.

The lovely awareness that I’m doing not only what I love to do – but what I believe I am meant to do.

After many (many!) years of playing hide-and-seek with my Ideal Career, the way pieces are falling into place lately is not only a relief and a joy, it’s hugely fulfilling.

It feels like finally arriving home after a long and challenging quest.

Or like Goldilocks finding her perfect porridge. 🙂

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And I fully believe that this life and career sweet spot is not only possible for us all, I believe it’s meant for us.

The Grand Plan.

And the incentive for us to play out our unique roles in the world is that it feels SO GOOD when we do! 

And this is my hope for humanity – that every one of us finds our place in the world, doing the work we love, the work we are uniquely perfect for and uniquely called to do.

Imagine that world!

Imagine you and everyone you know, everyone on the planet, doing work you love!

This is the vision I wrote about in The Joy of Dharma and in a happy instance of life imitating art, this is what I’m seeing unfold in my own life.

So, I know it’s possible.

And I believe it all begins with expressing your creative spirit and pursuing your unique sweet spot – or to use the lovely Sanskrit word that I am obsessed with;

Your dharma.

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So, if you too are drawn to the idea of doing the work makes you cry (in a good way), I have three recommendations to help you in finding your dharma zone sweet spot.


My 3 Top Tips for finding your dharma

1. Read The Joy of Dharma. (It’s free.)

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2. Do more of whatever is a joy for you.


3. Cultivate a stronger, clearer and happier relationship with your creative spirit.

(I believe it has the map to your unique sweet spot of health, wealth and happiness. 😉 )


And please keep me posted on your journey to your own Goldilocks moment.

Or if you’re already doing the work you know you were born to do – I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a wonderful week and more of whatever causes happy tears for you. 🙂

PS If you’d like to know more about the wonderful word ‘dharma’, I’ve written a short post about it here: What is dharma?
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