For Multi-passionate Creatives:

A new map to your Dream Career

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If you have a soul-stirring vision of a creative career that’s rewarding in all the ways, this is for you.

But first, a quick story… 

For my fellow multi-passionates

Over the last few years, I’ve been developing a body of work to help lovely creatives do more of the work they love.


Partly because I believe that more healthy, happy, fully-expressed and fulfilled creatives are a much-needed uplifting force in the world. 

But another reason is that as I’ve experienced both extreme career angst and the joys of career happiness – and mapped the journey of what works – I feel a deep soul-calling to share what I’ve learned.

Helping creatives to thrive and succeed is, I believe, my dharma. 

I have a special place in my heart for those who have more than one creative passion and feel torn between them, wondering where and how to focus enough to establish the inspiring career or level of success that they know, deep down, is possible.  

Because this was also my challenge for over a decade. 

Maybe you too are a Renaissance Soul – someone who feels deeply called to express your creative passions but seems unable to get clear or focused on one single direction.

If this is you, I have good news.

Because not only did I learn many valuable lessons during my years of trial-&-error, I made notes every step (and stumble) along the way.

Now that I feel I’ve found my way to my own Career Jackpot, I’ve spent the last few months reverse engineering what works – and what doesn’t – for those of us with multi-passionate tendencies.

And I believe that I have a winning formula that will also work for like-minded creative souls who are seeking their career sweet-spot.

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The Vitality of Career Alignment

The craving for career clarity and alignment has been a recurring theme for so many of my clients over the years.

And science is increasingly showing us that there are huge benefits to our health and longevity when we do the work we love.

This is why my work is moving in the direction of career clarity and progress, especially for creative types who want to do all the things!

So, in celebration of the season and my incredible Solstice breakthrough, I’ve been inspired to put together a special experience that’s designed to help you enjoy more clarity, progress and excellence in your Dream Career.

If you’ve been struggling with career confusion, frustration or disappointment, or if you’re craving more fulfilment – to finally express the potential you know is inside you – allow me to introduce…

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NEW: The Career Breakthrough Experience

6 Steps to Career Clarity

Designed for Multi-Passionate Creatives

Beta Invitation

I’d love to invite you to this first round of my new Career Breakthrough Experience, which I’m running as a Beta programme. 

My vision is that this experience could see you well on your way to enjoying your Dream Career before the end of the year.

Imagine that… 

Imagine feeling crystal clear about the unique career blueprint that’s perfect for you – tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind blend of gifts, talents, challenges and desires.

The career you were designed to enjoy. AKA: Your dharma.

I’m committed to helping you achieve these results because I want to see my framework in practice – so I’ll be fully invested in your success.

And I’m so excited to help my Beta Clients win in this journey that there are even prizes for those who dive in fully and truly go for it with gusto! 

My intention is that this inspiring and empowering 3-6 month journey will provide both the foundation and the map to the creative career you dream of.

A true Career Breakthrough experience.

And I’ll be by your side along the way, cheering you on, sharing all I’ve learned that can fast-track your journey to career happiness.

So, if this feels like an answer to your dharma prayers, you can discover all the lovely details here.

It’s available for this potent Midyear period, or until the initial Beta places are filled.

(You’ll understand why when you see the Beta Rate – I wish I could have paid this for career clarity and 3 months of expert coaching when I first began my career rollercoaster!)

If you have any questions, please ask away – I’d love to hear more about where you are in your Dream Career journey.

And if this feels like a Yes! for you, I look forward to celebrating your progress and success within a few short months. 

Because healthy, happy, fulfilled and thriving creatives really are a blessing for us all.

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PS Even though I’m planning to develop this programme over the coming months, there are currently some special bonus gifts that are designed especially for this midpoint of the year.

So, if you’re feeling ready for a Midyear career reboot, these additional resources are designed to help you make the next 6 months your best yet.


“When you find your thing, it fuels you.”


Hi! I'm Danielle.

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Dream Career by the end of the year? 

If you feel pulled towards this or another of Danielle’s courses don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet.

I can’t even put it into words how much you will get out of them.

It’s a wonderful, fun and enlightening experience.”

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