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more creative flow guaranteed
I was recently revamping one of my favourite creations from the last couple of years – my Hello Flow online course.

And revisiting this material reminded me how much has changed in my life since I began playing with these ideas back in 2020.

Shifts such as;

• Regularly getting more done with less effort.
  (Hello productivity!)

• Feeling calmer about life.
  (Even with all its uncertainties and unanswered questions.) 

• Letting go of chronic procrastination habits.
  (This has been a game-changer in terms of career success.)

• Confidently enjoying life at a more relaxed pace.
(This had been on my wish list for years.)

• Experiencing a new level of faith and trust in life.
  (I wish I could bottle this feeling!! Such a joy.) 

These internal shifts have transformed my quality of life over the last few years, and what’s lovely is that the more these pieces have fallen into place – the more I’ve seen all my external goals and dreams showing up in my life.


It’s a pretty fun creative process. 🙂

And as I was diving back into the practices I shared in Hello Flow, I began to feel a new level of confidence in this material.

I am utterly convinced that these practices can be transformative.

And yet they are so simple!

They’re so doable, and easily applicable, even in the busiest of lifestyles.

And then later, as I was drifting off to sleep, I had an idea:

Offer a guarantee. 

This is something I’ve never done before, but I feel so strongly that these practices are such guaranteed winners for my audience, that I’m prepared to officially back my claim.

So you can now explore the Hello Flow practices with more confidence.

You can witness the shifts for yourself, first hand – or your money back.

You can borrow my faith until you see for yourself how they can benefit you and your life.

You can experience the delights of living with less anxiety, doubt, procrastination, resistance and fear.

You can enjoy more effortless flow in your creative work and your life.


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The New Hello Flow Promise

This is my new promise to you.

And I stand proudly by it, because I know for sure that these principles, once adopted and habitualised, will create a cascade of beneficial ripple effects across your whole life.

I’ve been amazed by the difference these subtle practices can make – they are literally the power of simplicity in action.

And they are so dear to my heart that I want everyone to experience their magic.


This easier, calmer, more joyful and effortless way of living is available to all.

I wish I’d discovered it sooner, but the next best thing would be to help others to begin to enjoy the benefits ASAP.

Inspired by these words from Golden Rule Jones;

“What I want for myself, I want for everybody.”

Especially my cherished blog readers. (That’s you. 🙂 )

And so, in the spirit of sharing the magic, I’ve added details of my new guarantee over on the new info page.

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If the benefits I’ve described call to your heart, if you feel drawn to a different way of living – a life with more ease and less resistance – I hope you’ll take a look at Hello Flow and take a chance on these powerful practices. 

And to shore up your faith, confidence and expectation of your own magical results, I’m willing to back you with my new guarantee. 

If you have any questions about the programme or this new promise – please ask away

Though you might like to know that getting your questions answered throughout the 11 week journey is an integral part of the process. 

I work alongside you in adopting these practices, and I’m only ever an email away. 

So, if this calls to you, I’d love to welcome you to the newly revamped and beautified Hello Flow journey. 

Because that way, some truly powerful magic lies…

I absolutely promise.

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
If you’d like to learn more about the story behind Hello Flow – how I discovered what held me back for years, plus the precise nature of what’s in the way of your creative happiness – I share the full scoop in this free guide: 
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“You are the common denominator
for every single area of your life.


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An 11-week online coaching course to help you reduce internal resistance and dissolve creative blocks.
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