Marketing for Creatives (Who don’t like marketing)

marketing for creatives who don't love marketing

Marketing For Creatives

There are a number of complex reasons why so many brilliant and talented creatives don’t enjoy promoting themselves or marketing their work.

Yet making peace with this commercial aspect can make a world of difference to the success and fulfilment of any creative endeavour.

As an introvert creative who has struggled with this key ingredient of thriving in the modern world, I’ve spent almost three decades trying to resolve this puzzle. 

So I’ve put together a new collection of the helpful insights and soul-soothing strategies I’ve stumbled across or developed.

These recommended resources are designed to comfort and inspire my fellow creatives, especially those who are extremely uncomfortable putting themselves or their work out there (where it belongs).

I hope it helps you find the connection methods that work for your personality, projects, and vision for success – with your creative soul intact.

danielle raine creativity coach

Imagine the difference it would make to your creative success if you could make peace with marketing…

This new collection of recommended resources will help you find more relief, optimism and even enjoyment in sharing your work with the world.

Free Resources

3 reasons marketing can be good for creativity

3 Meaningful Reasons Marketing Can Be Good For Creativity

It’s true! Here are three inspiring ways your marketing activities can both enhance and support your creative work.

how build it and they will come didn't work unitl it did creativity blog

How 'Build It & They Will Come' didn't work... Until it did.

If you ever wondered whether it’s possible to do it Your Way and still enjoy success, this short story is for you…

marketing for creatives the joy of discovering a sales marketing mix you love

The Double Delight of Win-Win Sales & Marketing

The joy and fulfillment that awaits when you find a sales and marketing mix that you absolutely LOVE.


Self-Study / Hybrid Coaching Courses

how to offer email coaching online marketing tips

Sample Extract: The Secret to Success

In this sample extract from my Email Coaching Beginner’s Guide, I’m sharing the surprising secret to success that can fast-track your results from marketing methods you LOVE.

hello flow laptop online creativity course studio

Clearing blocks from the inside out

Hello Flow is designed to help you to effortlessly dissolve the invisible or subconscious blocks that are holding you back from confidently sharing your work with the world. 


Private Mentorship & 1:1 Support

creative mentorship virtual intensive danielle raine marketing for creatives

Access over 2 decades of Online Marketing expertise

If you’d like tailored guidance in discovering the marketing methods that make your creative heart sing (it IS possible!), this virtual intensive is for you.

digital marketing support service for creatives

Digital Marketing Support Service

If what you need is more practical support with soul-friendly marketing practices (eg connecting via the written word, optimising your work for online success), this session will help you get more inspiring results, ASAP. 


Coming up in 2023…

marketing for creatives guide ipad coffee cup heart froth designer book desk copy

Marketing For Creatives
(Who don’t love marketing)

I’m currently working on a comprehensive guide to help more introverted creatives or those averse to self-promotion to find tolerable and even enjoyable ways of connecting with their Right Audience. 

(Imagine that…)

You can stay in the loop for release news by signing up for any of my Free Gifts & Tools for Creatives. 

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