Marketing for Creatives: The Double Delight of Win-Win Sales

marketing for creatives the joy of discovering a sales marketing mix you love

{ The latest instalment of my Marketing for Creatives series – because “the cycle of creativity is only complete when your work goes out into the world”! }

The joy of discovering a marketing mix you LOVE

If you’ve ever wondered what can happen when you find a sales and marketing mix that you absolutely love, here’s a short story from my work week…

“I’m so happy I found your work!”

My week began with these heart-warming words that landed in my inbox overnight.

(They were accompanied by an automated sales notification – continued evidence of my dharma wealth theory. 🙂 )

My lovely new course client was eagerly thanking me for sharing my work – she was excited and delighted to have discovered my course because it was exactly what she needed.

Imagine that! 

Imagine people emailing you with their enthusiastic thanks for creating your work and also for doing the vital marketing and promotion that helped them to find just what they need. 

This is the magic of finding the right sales and marketing strategies for you, ie those that you not only find tolerable, but that you actually LOVE to share with the world.

I’m sharing this story because icky feelings around selling our work can be a major block for many creatives.

And so I’d love for this example to illustrate how sales and commerce can be a mutually-uplifting and joyful win-win!

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The Win-Win of Joyful Selling

One of the delights of this route is the lovely win-win outcome.

Because in my example above, I was just as delighted as my new client.

Not only because my programme can help to short-cut her learning curve, but also because this connection was further proof that my current setup is successfully reaching the people who are a perfect match for my unique brand of creative joy.

It was further evidence that marketing for creatives can be a joyful and successful endeavour, rather than the soul-selling/selling out experience that many creatives worry about or feel blocked by.

In fact, not only can marketing be something we do with our hearts and souls intact – even us introverts! – I’ve learned how marketing can even be good for our creativity, in a number of different ways.

(You can read more about that three-fold magic here: 3 Reasons Marketing Can Be Good For Creativity.)

So, I’m living proof that it’s possible to find your way to a sales and marketing mix that not only supports your creativity and commercial success, it can boost your sense of personal satisfaction and enliven your creative spirit.

It may take a while, and it may take a deal of trial-&-error – but I hope it inspires you to know that it can be done.

Seek, and you will find.

But if you’d like to fast-track your path to Win-Win Sales success, or you’d like some expert support and guidance, I have even more good news for you…

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Support with your Win-Win Marketing Mix

If you’d like to reach more of your perfect matches online – I want this win-win happiness for you too!

It’s why I designed my new Creative Mentorship virtual intensive – to share all I’ve learned from…

 Decades of digital marketing campaigns

Thousands of hours of teaching myself how to reach and connect online

Ongoing professional training in the latest trends and best practices

Plus many years of studying the mindset, psychology, and energetics that can really make a difference to external results

It’s one of the great joys of my life that I’ve finally found my way to a marketing mix I absolutely LOVE – something I couldn’t have imagined back in 2009 when I first realised I’d have to overcome my aversion to marketing in order to bring my Dream Career to life.

Given my lifelong introvert tendencies, it’s even more of a delight that I get to work with my natural skills, rather than force myself to replicate the more extroverted strategies that make me want to hide under the duvet. 

Not only can I use my quiet strengths in a soul-friendly way, I’ve found an online marketing route that thrives on my main passions; writing, designing, teaching and coaching.

Though it’s taken many years and much trial-&-error to get here, it feels like the  dharma equivalent of hitting the jackpot.

The freedom, fulfilment and soul connections that I enjoy as a result of my bumpy career path are 1000% worth all the confusion, tears and heartbreak along the way.

(If you’d like to fast-forward to how it feels to be on track, on purpose and en route to success, I wrote all about that particular blessing here.) 

But if you’d like to fast-track your own journey and go straight to the short-cuts for reaching the audience that will be enthusiastically thanking you for your work, you can design your own Creative Mentorship to access everything I’ve learned. 

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And for this year’s September Special, you’ll also receive a complimentary All Access VIP Pass to Creative Well – that’s a year of access to all of my creativity courses!

Because I KNOW that you have unique and valuable gifts for the world, and I believe it is my calling, my dharma and my pleasure to help you share them successfully.

Wishing you a week of inspiring connections and a wealth of the work you love,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’d like to know more about my career odyssey of the last 20+ years, you’re in luck – because I LOVE to document my trials and adventures!

You can read My Journey To Becoming A Creativity Coach here.

And you can read all about my blossoming as an introvert writer here.

Or if you have any particular questions about how I arrived at my current Dharma Zone Sweet Spot, please ask away – I’m always happy to share more about it.


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