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This year for Mother’s Day I was presented with some spa vouchers.

Now you may think that I have extremely thoughtful children (with a generous father). And you would be right. (Though this is the first year my hints have been heavy enough. It seems, subtlety is wasted in my home.)

So, last week, I booked my treatment and pootled off to my favourite spa for an Ocean Detox Wrap (Ahhhhhhh…….) I returned a few hours later feeling pampered and lovely and totally at peace with the world. In fact, I was so blissed out that I didn’t even mind the post-breakfast kitchen carnage which was awaiting my return. Nor did I object to a spell of the obligatory laundry. Or some light tidying. Or making the tea. After all, I had been so thoroughly spoilt and looked after, it put me in the mood to do the same for my family.

Which got me thinking….

A combination of busy lives and generous hearts means many of us put our fun-things-to-do quite low down the list of priorites. Yet, when we carve out the time and space to refuel our joie-de-vivre, we have more to give. 

 When we feel happy and fulfilled, we are better placed to take care of others.
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Enforcing a brief sabbatical from the daily grind can reboot our desire to love and care for our families. Which can really help in the battle against housework blues.

So the lesson I learnt is this: it is in my family’s best interest that I take care of myself.

This includes not just the important diet and exercise stuff but also the fun, joyful, just-for-the-hell-of-it stuff. (Which for me tends to be spa-based…). In other words: R&R as a selfless act. 

You are unlikely to get a better excuse reason than that to put yourself first for a change.

So what are you waiting for?




(Let me know what you get up to and how you feel afterwards!) 


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