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A short behind-the-scenes work story that led me to appointing a new Creative Director in my business…

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I recently had an article to write about creativity and careers, something I’d committed to a while before, but hadn’t got around to doing.

And it was getting dangerously close to becoming a deadline.

I normally arrange my workflow to avoid deadlines – having learned that I’m much more productive when I have the spaciousnes and time freedom to harness the creative power of whim and fancy. (For me, pressure or urgency are the opposite of muse magnets.)

So, my plan was to write this particular article, even though I still wasn’t quite clear on what I really wanted to share.

And yet…

When I tuned into what I really wanted to do – the answer was:

Tidy up the writing apps on my iPad.

Which made no sense!

There was absolutely no urgency or real need for me to do that, especially when more pressing matters needed my attention.

But lately, I have been embracing the concept of Trusting Joy.

And strange as it may seem, tidying and organising my apps and notes is an enjoyable activity for me.

(Restoring order makes me feel happy and peaceful.)

So, that’s what I did.

Even though a small voice kept reminding me of my To Do list and the looming deadline – I made the decision to trust what felt joyful.

Then, about an hour into my happy tinkering, I just happened to stumbled across a piece of work in my Evernote app – written months ago and long forgotten.

It was a fully-formed solution to the article that I should have been writing!

I had already written it and forgotten all about it.

Who knew?!

Well, on some level – I knew, or at least some aspect of my mind knew, even though I wasn’t consciously aware of it.

And I’ve noticed that whenever I trust joy, these magical synchronicities keep occurring.

Joy guides.


This has happened to me too many times for it to be a coincidence.

And so now I have officially appointed Joy as my Creative Director.

Because I keep seeing that what feels joyful always seems to work out well in wonderful and surprising ways – mysterious ways that I could never have imagined.

All I need to do is trust joy.

This is actually more difficult than it sounds – which you’ll know if you’ve ever tried it.

But happily, it’s getting easier the more I practice, trust, and enjoy the benefits.


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An invitation for you…

Would you like to experiment with this idea?

The next time you have a dilemma, or decision to make – can you try trusting Joy?

I know it’s not always possible or practical, but sometimes it is, or it could be. (If you’re brave enough!! It really does take courage sometimes.)

Can you tune in to see what feels joyful, what feels inspired, what feels right?

And then do that – even if it makes no sense.

Obviously, you’ll need to judge for yourself when it’s safe and appropriate to play with this idea – but I highly recommend giving it a go.

I believe there is a genius and benevolent guidance system available to us all, at all times.

And joy is one way to access it.

Joy as a creative power.

So, I hope my story inspires you to play with this idea sometime, to see if joy guides you to delightful solutions and everyday miracles.

And I would love to hear how you get on!

Besides, even if things don’t miraculously fall into place, at least you will have enjoyed yourself – and joy is good for you. 🙂 

Wishing you a joyful and magically creative week, 

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’d like joy to be more of a permanent theme in your life and creative work, you can get a free copy of my joy-based vision for career success and happiness here. 

It’s a guide for purpose-driven creatives who are seeking that career sweet-spot of purpose, expression, joy and success. 

Imagine that…

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What happens when joy is your creative director danielle raine creativity coaching blog
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