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“When you find your thing, it fuels you.”


Introduction to Your Creative Dharma {Free Sample Extract}

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What does dharma mean? 

What are the principles of living in dharma?

What are the key ingredients?

There are a few infographics that reveal the aspects that align when you are in dharma, or as some describe it; purpose, ikigai, sweet spot of success and happiness etc…

These are really helpful in revealing the aspects of dharma; ie the conditions or result of finding that sweet spot.

And these can be a simple recipe for success – if you know what your purpose is, if you are clear on your gifts, if you know your value and understand commercial success and the marketplace.

However, many of the creatives I know (myself included) are mystified or resistant to one if not all of these aspects.

(Just google creativity vs business to see just how strongly the debate between art and money still rages on.)

But this course is designed to help you prepare a base foundation for the magical alignment of living in dharma and to help you define what that looks like – for you.

I want to share the core ingredients I’ve learned that, once in place, will support you in automatically – or as it often feels, automagically – finding your way to that elusive sweet spot.

My intention is to help you develop the belief system and energetic frequency that will naturally guide you to more fulfilment, success, joy, expression and creative flow.

This course is designed to sow seeds in the gardens of your mind and heart, that will grow and blossom over time.


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We’re aiming to begin exploring Your Creative Dharma; your uniquely perfect creative expression that delights, fulfils and prospers you – and is a vital gift to the world.

In other words, the sweet spot I shared so excitedly in The Joy of Dharma; creativity, success, purpose and enjoyment.

So, our intention is clear – but we aren’t going to head straight for those end results…

I’m sure you know that I can’t promise you a clear purpose, business success and inner peace in just five weeks.

(Though I believe we will make progress that will surprise and delight you.)

During this 5-week process, we’re going to create the foundation for finding and living Your Creative Dharma.

I’m going to share tools that you can keep returning to as you continue this journey.

And I’m revealing all the insights, shortcuts, recipes and formulas I’ve developed or learned from decades of study – ideas that have worked for me, my family and my clients.

But we’re going to approach the heart of this work in a holistic, non-linear way.

Because I’ve come to understand that this is the way life works.

And it’s the way that we, as holistic beings, also function, in all our glorious complexity.

So, my intention with this course is to set in place a progressive cycle, an upward spiral, a circling ever-closer, that you can return to again and again – each time at a new, higher level. 

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Because Your Creative Dharma is not a box to tick.

It’s a way to live.

I believe it’s possible that we can feel that we are living in dharma – and I have experienced that joy many times – but it is not a done deal.

Each new day brings new challenges and some days we will feel we are on top of them, and other days they will stretch and challenge us and we’ll feel the need to find our way back to that sweet spot.

So this work is designed to do two things to support you on this winding path:

1. Create a core foundation of increased confidence, self-belief, joyful living and inner calm that will help you cope evermore easily and successfully with the inevitable challenges.

2.  Give you a roadmap to see where you are in the cycle and what area to work on to get you back into the flow of living your creative dharma.

The roadmap is the cycle of 4 core principles, and we’ll tackle one of these each week for the next 4 weeks. (Week 5 is where we put it all together.)

Some of this foundational process is below-the-radar work that will be permanent – in a good way.

For example;

Once you have discovered your worth…

Once you have enjoyed the exhilaration of creative bliss…

Once you have understood and embraced commerce at a new, lucrative level…

Once you have opened to the support of life…

Once you have learned to trust and allow good luck and good fortune – and to have it become almost predictable and even dependable…

… you will never be the same again.

This work is designed to reveal these core conditions to you, to show you they are available and to reveal their benefits.

And once you have embraced them and enjoyed the benefits for yourself, you can’t unlearn them.

(Though, being human, we do sometimes need refreshers and reminders…)

So, this is the work of Your Creative Dharma.

To teach you what I’ve learned about the cycle of actions and beliefs that will help you close in on your particular sweet spot.

And to reveal possibilities and potentialities that will support you in all of your life and work adventures, way beyond our few weeks together.

All this with an end vision of that beautiful, life-enhancing sweet spot of joyful, purposeful, prospering and inspiring creative expression.

YOUR creative dharma.

Shall we begin?

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Hi! I'm Danielle Raine.

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And now I believe 1000% that healthy, joyful creative expression is essential for true happiness and success.

But, as any creative knows - it's not always an easy path.

So my online courses are where I share what I've learned about finding more flow, more fulfilment and more joy along the way.

You can read the story behind Your Creative Dharma here.

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