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Of the many (many) notes I’ve made on my creative journey, there are some gems that really stand out. 

One such gem is a line I heard during a call with one of my coaches. 

She mentioned it casually, almost as a throwaway comment. 

(I find that the things successful people mention as the norm can often be the most revealing clues to their success.) 

But what she mentioned so casually has become something of a North Star in my life and work, and so I’d love to share it with you. 

Here it is: 


“Go straight for what you really want.


Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? 

But, in reality, how often do we do that? 

How often do we go headlong in the direction of what we really want? 

Ie, the true passions and callings that we would love to bring to life, if only ___________ (fill in the blank). 

And I’ve learned that it’s the second part of that sentence that is quite often the only thing that holds us back from fully going for our dreams. 

Or rather – it’s our belief that those fill-in-the-blank criteria are a legitimate and unchangeable factor, an immovable block on the path to what we really want. 

But what if they’re not? 

What if – just for the sake of opening our minds – what if we can just imagine that there is a way around that seeming obstacle? Or over, under, or even through? 

Just imagining the possibility of a clear path to our creative goals can be inspiring in itself. 

But a funny thing happens in our minds when we mentally ‘leapfrog’ our challenges; 

Something shifts. 

Your Creative Dharma imagine something new miracles

Over to you

I’d love to invite you to play with this idea, just as an experiment…

Call to mind that creative dream that calls you, that vision that tugs your heart, that passion project that you could happily spend all day thinking about. 

Now, just imagine…

What would it look like to go straight for it? 

Assuming, just for now, that the old stories of why you can’t go directly for your vision have somehow been resolved – can you picture what would be different? 

What are the ways in which you’d move more directly towards what you really want? 

Spend a few minutes pondering what Full-speed In The Direction Of Your Dreams looks like for you. 

You don’t need to do anything more than simply imagine, but it might boost your efforts to anchor the vision by making make a list, mindmap or a Pinterest board of this Direct Route to Success. 

(My current favourite visioneering tool is the iMovie app – I have a number of Movie Trailers that depict my happiest success and they never fail to reconnect me to my bigger goals and dreams. ? Such a boost to watch 90 seconds of my Dream Life in glorious technicolour!) 

So, if you’ve been feeling that it has been slow progress towards the creative vision that’s calling you, I hope you’ll take a few quality moments to play this little game. 

What would it look like to go straight for what you really want? 

If you’d like some help in reconnecting to what you really want – this blog post will help you

(Sometimes we make so many excuses about why we can’t have it that we forget about it completely.)  

enjoy the sunshine moleskine journey day planner

Then see if you notice anything different, any new ideas, sparks of inspiration, or even just the wave of calm that arrives when we reconnect with our true nature. 

These may appear immediately, or they may filter in over the following hours or days. 

All you need to do is stay open to something new coming through. 

I believe there is potent magic in simply thinking about this direct route to success, a way of tapping into our innate creative power and remembering what we truly want. 

But if you want to see for yourself just how much creative fuel and grace can be found on this route, you might like to go for some next level benefits and take a baby step or two in that direction – just to see what happens… 😉 

And I’d love to hear how you get on! 

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
danielle raine creativity coach

PS I am currently practicing what I teach and going straight for a business vision I’ve been nurturing for years, so there are some exciting changes happening behind the scenes! 

I’m planning to have more to share with you soon, so stay tuned if you’d like to see what my Direct Route looks like.  

“Inside what you actually desire,
there is inspired guidance


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