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Intentional living quotes

In my ongoing adventures in the joys and benefits of intentional living, I’ve collated and stumbled upon quite a fair few inspiring quotes around this topic.

And to help you fall in love with this approach as much as I have, I thought it would be helpful to share a few gems from my collection here.



“Each of us have an epic life within us,
and it is your responsibility to bring it out of you.

~ Gina DeVEe

“Attention energises & intention transforms.” 

~ Deepak Chopra

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“Designers imagine things that don’t yet exist,

and then they build them,

and then the world changes. 

You can do this in your own life.” 

~ Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

“Notice when flow happens,

and change your life

to make it happen more often.” 

~ Vishen Lakhiani

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“Do the thing you love to do,

and do it for the joy and thrill of it.

~ Joseph Murphy

“It ain’t what you do,

it’s the way that you do it.

That’s what gets results.” 

~ Bananarama

Intentional living blog posts

I’ve also devoted an entire blog category to my musings (so far) on the empowered approach of living with intention and by design.

Creativity Blog Posts : Intentional Living & Life By Design

So whether you’re looking for…

Inspiration for Big Dreams

Time-Saving Tips

How to believe in yourself more

A tip for faster & more intuitive decision making

How to get what you want (& feel good about it) 

The Creative Power of Ideas

The benefits of trying something new

How to find the blessings in disguise

or one of my favourite Life Design Tips: Sharpening your axe

I hope you’ll find something to inspire your own Intentional Living journey.

More musings on intentional living, simplicity, minimalism & living on purpose…

And if you’d like to hear from more voices on this topic, I was delighted to be featured in a group of fellow coaches and bloggers sharing their thoughts, insights and tips.

You can find that post over on

And the beauty of this approach to Life by Design is that you get to plan and shape the way it looks for you.

We all have vastly varying preferences and circumstances, as well as a variety of talents, hopes and dreams.

There is no single solution that works for everyone.

Happily, I believe that there are many paths to the meaningful, joyful lives we’re all seeking.

I also believe that each of us has a uniquely perfect blueprint, our own distinctive design that includes the perfect blend of challenges and victories. (Or to use a Sanskrit word that I love; dharma)

And it all starts when we begin to live intentionally, or at least, to give some thought to what that might look like for us.

So I hope you enjoy these resources for getting intentional about what matters to you, and living your precious and valuable life by design, rather than default.

Because that way, magic lies… ?


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“Life design is the way forward.

~ Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

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PS If you’d like to learn more about what my own adventures in Life By Design, you can read about my design calling and journey here. 
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