Inspired by numerology and brought to you by the Number 2…

2 numerology meaning partnership cooperation harmony compassion

In honour of the 2 Personal Month…

This morning I woke up with a new idea for a support service inspired by my twin loves of numerology and co-creation.

Because according to my magic numbers, this month is a 2 Personal Month for me, which means the energy of collaboration, partnership, cooperation and joining forces.

And this ‘just happened‘ to be the basis of this morning’s inspired idea which began like this…

Imagine if I could work with the lovely creatives in my audience, in a focused 1:1 deep dive into their beloved projects, for an entire afternoon…

This idea is an evolution of the virtual-intensive type work I’ve been doing more frequently in my design and marketing business, and I’ve been loving how much progress we can make together during a single session of devoted focus.

So, if you’ve ever felt you could use my expertise in your particular challenges, if you’d like a few hours of my devoted attention and access to my decades of experience, you can find out more about this new service here:

creative mentorship virtual intensive danielle raine creativity coaching

Clearing for flow

BTW, the fact that this idea arrived this morning and is now live and available is evidence of all the clearing and flow practices I’ve been mastering over the last few years.

These insights are worth their weight in gold when it comes to bringing any kind of creative work to life – and this new partnership is where I can share all I’ve learned to get your big vision out into the world, so it can work its magic for both you and your audience.

Though I’ll admit, I am still refining some of the details of my new arrival!

So I’m sharing the full story over on the info page where I can keep tinkering and adding lovely new ingredients.?

I’d love to see you over there.

Wishing you a fabulous week of inspiring ideas where the creative spirit moves you!

danielle raine creativity coach

PS As part of my philosophy of creative experimentation, I’m looking into new formats beyond email coaching, such as phone calls and video calls.

So, if you’ve ever wished you could pick my brains on a certain topic, or you’d love my energy and insights devoted to your project, this may be the perfect opportunity to choose the format you prefer.


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