After years of confusion: an Ideal Client breakthrough

From Ideal Client confusion to epiphanies in surprising places...
if you’ve ever struggled with your Target Audience profile, this is for you.

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If you’ve ever struggled with your Ideal Client profile…

Back in 2009, I bought my first ebook and discovered the world of online marketing.

I was hooked.

I didn’t know then that it would be the start of a journey that would have me experimenting online for over a decade, or that it would guide me to my Dream Career.

But my journey from that first ebook to my dharma was not always easy – there were many dead-ends, bumps in the road and more than a few tears of confusion and despair.

Over time, the pieces began to fall into place, and I honed my skills in blogging and online marketing for creative souls.

Yet there was one obstacle that was an enduring challenge for over a decade.

Despite many happy victories, miracle breakthroughs and amazing grace, there was one aspect of the online marketing puzzle that I just couldn’t figure out.

My Ideal Client.

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Target Audience confusion

Like many eager entrepreneurs, I’ve gone through many courses, exercises and coaching sessions in a bid to find clarity around the people I am here to serve.

Maybe you can relate?

After all, as creatives, we’re all in the business of trying to connect with our audience in some way.

And the common theory is that our happiest and easiest success is only possible if we’re crystal clear on who that Ideal Audience is.

I admit, I can see the logic – when we know where our people are, we can do a better job of showing up and reaching them.

But however much the whole customer avatar theory made sense, there was something in me that could not, or would not, get clear on my Ideal Client.

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{ The journey to online marketing mastery can get a little messy… } 

The multi-passionate’s resistance to niching

A part of me was reluctant to ‘niche down’ or zero in on one particular type of person – my heart just couldn’t seem to abandon all the many other types of creatives who I believed I could help.

Many creatives are multi-passionate and I’m no exception – with such a colourful and varied background, mine was far from the clear career profile that the marketing experts were guiding me to present.

After many, many failed attempts to find clarity on my Ideal Client Avatar, I eventually made peace with the idea that perhaps my work and my mission was too broad to fit one label.

Over the following years, whether through perseverance or answered prayers, I fumbled my way to an online presence that somehow did a good job of attracting like-minded creatives.

So, if you’ve also wrestled with the idea of an Ideal Client, take heart that it can be possible to enjoy career or business success even without that famed crystal clarity.

Though, in my case, it took much longer than I’d hoped and I’ll admit there were many times when it felt like inching along at a snail’s pace.

But during those many slow trial-&-error years, I noticed a curious pattern emerging…


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{ It’s amazing how many business breakthroughs happen in my garden. } 

Answers in surprising places

Over time, I noticed that some of the puzzle pieces around online marketing – the ones that I just could not get my brain to figure out – began showing up in surprising places.

As a lifelong student on a variety of topics – from health and science to spirituality and life design – I found that some of the trickiest business questions were being answered, almost by accident, in my studies in other areas.

If you know my habit of making notes of all my learnings and musings, you won’t be surprised to know that I tracked and tested these new theories as I tried them out in my business.

For a while now, a kind of framework has been emerging – it’s almost like a Stealth Ideal Client Clarity process, one that doesn’t trigger the mind to shut down in confusion or refuse to limit its brilliance to a snappy sentence.

I was planning to share these roundabout routes to an Ideal Client in a new course, but courtesy of my early hours epiphany, I had an even better idea.

Because as the morning chorus began outside my bedroom window, a very exciting realisation dawned in my mind…


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Ideal Client Clarity at last

This new epiphany was the result of a couple of days of deep studying and reviewing that must have been percolating as I slept, because when I woke, I was blessed with the very thing that has eluded me for so many years.

And now I am very happy to report that, for the first time, I know exactly who my Ideal Client is.

I can express it in 7 simple words. 

Even better than that: it feels amazing!

I’m so excited to get to work in speaking directly to these special people in all my marketing.

I’m raring to review all my online work and offerings through this exciting new lens, and I feel inspired to tailor everything just for this unique type of person.

This is, I believe, the magic of the clarity all the experts were talking about.

Because when you know who you most want to reach – and you feel inspired to connect with them – that’s a creative fuel that can help with the next steps in making those happy connections.

As you can imagine, after so many years floundering in confusion, overwhelm and resistance, it feels like a massive relief to finally enjoy this new clarity. 

And the best part?

I know exactly what sparked this breakthrough.

I know exactly which questions to pose that bypass the usual Ideal Client resistance.

I’ve also identified a few tricks from beyond the realm of online marketing that can get to the heart of soul work and life purpose, and reveal the deep and uplifting connections we are here to enjoy. 

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Coming soon… your Ideal Client Breakthrough

I know many creatives have struggled with pinning down the elusive and often confusing Ideal Client details, and so I’ll be combining my insights with my love of course-creation and putting together a step-by-step guide.

However, what I’d most love to do first, what I feel most excited to share, is a kind of virtual workshop, where I can reveal the surprising and breathtakingly simple ways to enjoy that all-important Target Audience clarity.

(I just can’t not share my epiphanies when they arrive!)

As this is still a new approach, I’d like to refine my new framework with a handful of Beta Testers.

So, if you feel that you just can’t find clarity on your Ideal Client or Ideal Customer, if you’ve done all the work and still resist the idea of a niche or limited group, if you’ve been stuck for too long with the confusion around your perfect audience – I would LOVE to help you.

I’d love to join forces and share my breakthroughs so that you can finally feel good about this important detail that can not only affect your results and how quickly they arrive, but considerably increases your enjoyment of the entire journey.

If this sounds like an answered prayer for you, there are more details on this Beta round of Virtual Workshops here:

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Ideal Client Breakthrough #bts

I’ll also be sharing the precise details of my own Ideal Client – the clarity that has finally dawned after over a decade of puzzling and wondering.

It feels incredible to finally get this!

And I’d dearly love to help you do the same.

So, I hope you’ll take a look at my new Ideal Client Breakthrough Virtual Workshop if this resonates with you – and I can’t wait to share the joy of clarity and a new enthusiasm for your marketing that will to help you reach your perfect people.

Because they’re waiting for you!

Wishing you an inspired and creative week,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS This latest insight is the result of the Review & Renew work I’ve been doing this week – my business is about to take a very exciting new turn! 

I’ll be sharing more in the weeks ahead but I can’t recommend more highly the value of taking some time for assessment and review. 

Because we don’t know what we don’t know. 

And epiphanies can arrive from the most surprising directions… 

So if you’d like a boost in your creative adventures, I hope my mini-miracle inspires you to do a little reviewing and renewing of your own. 

And if you’d like the process I’ve been using to woo my breakthroughs, there are more details below. 


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