What are Hybrid Coaching Courses?

Welcome to my favourite new coaching format! 

I am besotted with this new way of sharing my insights and supporting even more wonderful creatives with this fabulous new format. 

But you may be wondering…

What is a hybrid coaching course?

Like all coaches, and all online businesses, the specifics of an online coaching course varies from provider to provider.

Some may offer Facebook Groups, Live Calls, Self-Study Programmes, Voxer Access, Hot Seat Coaching etc…

For me, my new hybrid coaching courses are a blissful blend of my main career passions;

Coaching amazing creatives who are up to exciting things in the world.

Creating online courses – designing and building beautiful and inspiring learning journeys for my wonderful students.

I feel SO blessed to have found my dharma that I am now lit up with my mission to help others to do the same.

While my online coaching courses have evolved a bit over the years, I’ve now found a format that I absolutely love to offer and supports my course clients perfectly.

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Hybrid Coaching – The Future

I call it a hybrid format because it’s a blend of private coaching via email and an online learning platform or self-study programme.

This means that you get to access the material in your private learning portal, so you can go at your own pace – ie all the benefits of a Self-Study Programme.

(If you’re a more introverted learner or Sage archetype like me, you’ll appreciate the joys of this format. 🙂 ) 

But Self-Study Courses can sometimes leave you craving some connection with the course leader, wishing you could get your particular questions answered.  

Which is why I now include Coaching Q&A opportunities in my hybrid course – so you can get your personal questions answered.  

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Q&A Coaching : The best of both worlds

I LOVE this Q&A coaching format.

According to my career profiling report; Q&A is where I shine.

It’s also the easiest, most accessible way to work with me and enjoy the benefits of coaching and focused creative support. 

If my approach and this format appeals to you, the best way to discover the benefits is to explore one of my hybrid courses and experience the magic for yourself.  

Below is a selection of courses available in this hybrid online coaching format, each one designed to address a different aspect of the bumpy creative path.  

And if you decide you enjoy this format and would like to explore even more courses, for a limited time, you can upgrade to the All Access programmes. (More details here if you love that All Access feeling…)  

Or if you have any questions, please ask away – I’m more than happy to help you discover whether this is the right route for you.  

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this fun and powerful mode of creativity coaching, and I’d be delighted to see you over in my beloved learning portal, where I can support you personally in your creative adventures. 🙂 

PS If you’re feeling called to share your own expertise online, I now offer a couple of Mentorship Programmes. 

With these short courses, you can access my decades of online experience in just a few weeks! 

And you can choose a Private Coaching option, or my new hybrid version

(I told you I was smitten with this coaching format. 🙂 I believe it has a very bright future…)  

Hi! I’m Danielle

Danielle Raine Creativity Coach

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SINCE 1993


To enjoy more joy, fun and ease in the creative process (and life),
we need to nurture the energy, mindset and lifestyle that support our creative dreams.

All my coaching courses are designed to do precisely that.

An Introduction to Creativity Coaching


An introduction to the principles and support of holistic creativity coaching.

This is for you if…

• You want to enjoy more clarity, momentum, inspiration and flow in your creative life

• You’re craving support, encouragement or guidance but not quite ready for private coaching

• You want to learn more about my holistic approach and all its lovely benefits

mid year Review & Renew banner virtual retreat for creatives

A virtual retreat to assess & envision…

A guided online journey to help you optimise the lessons of the past year and create a foundation for your best possible year ahead. 

Support with the tricky business of keeping the faith…

Faith, trust, confidence and self-belief can make a HUGE difference to both your journey and your results. 

Discover ways to enjoy more of these potent creative forces. 

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For releasing resistance and invisible blocks…

A collection of 11 simple strategies for reducing and releasing creative anxiety, resistance, self-doubt, procrastination and fear.

For career + purpose clarity…

Based on the beautiful concept of dharma, this online course is a joy-based journey to career clarity for purpose driven creatives.

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the muse spa creativity wellness virtual retreat

For a wellness-based route to inspired creativity…

Discover the life-enhancing link between creativity and wellness.

Because everything is easier when you’re inspired.

All of these courses include Q&A coaching & your own private learning portal.

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