How your creative dreams are good for humanity

Discover the fabulous win-win-win that happens when you follow your creative dreams…

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Creativity lessons from the gym

This week’s tip is inspired by my recent wellness experiment where I joined my local gym.

Even though I’m not a native Gym Bunny. 

(I’m more of a walk-for-miles-do-some-yoga-go-to-the-spa kind of girl.)

But I have some new wellness goals this year and until my Wish List Water Rower arrives in my spare room, I’ve been exploring other cardio options.

It’s still early in my experiment, but so far I’m still not sold on the gym idea.

Admittedly, my local gym being part of a luxury country estate does make it a little more appealing, especially when I get the place to myself…

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Music, humanity & your creative dreams

But I noticed this week that there’s something that could not only inspire me to head gym-wards more often, but actually got me moving faster – and even… enjoying the experience!

Can you guess what it was?


It seems the right song on my playlist can make a world of difference to my efforts, and as a consequence, my results.

And so this week, I’ve been feeling so grateful for the artists and musicians who have created the songs that boost my workouts.

Yet they will never know just how helpful or inspiring their creative efforts have been.

Which got me thinking…

We never know the impact our creative efforts will have.

For example, my own work – my blogs, books and courses – may have delightful and surprising results that I never get to hear about.

And what about your creative efforts?

Whatever you create, even if you get some lovely feedback on a regular basis (SUCH a joy 🙂 ), there are likely to be many, many people who enjoy and benefit from your creations that you will never know about.

Just imagine…

All the lives of strangers that you can uplift and inspire – making a powerful and positive difference in their lives – just by indulging in the creative ideas that call your heart.

And imagine the ripple effects of all those uplifted and inspired people, how they move differently through the world and interact with their loved ones more positively because they’re feeling the benefit of your work.

This is how your creative dreams are not only good for you, they’re good for humanity.

This is, I believe, the ultimate creative win-win-win:

• We create and share the work we love.

• Others benefit.

• The world is a better place for the process.

This Creativity For Humanity idea is essentially the ethos of all my work.

It’s the idea behind the strapline at the bottom of every page on my website.

And it’s the reason I write my creativity newsletter every week.

So, I hope my gym adventures will inspire you to give some thought to all the strangers whose lives will be enhanced by the work you feel called to share.

And I hope you’ll feel inspired to devote a little more quality time to those powerful and impactful creations.

They’re calling you for a reason.

Because there are people who are waiting for your unique brand of brilliance.

It may or may not be creating energising music to power up their workout, but I believe with all my heart that if you want to create it, there’s someone out there who wants or needs it.

Could you spend a little time this weekend giving some thought to how you can create and share whatever calls your heart at an inspiring new level – inspiring both for you and the people who are waiting for it?

And of course, if I can help you with this important mission, just let me know.

It’s what I’m here for. 🙂

Wishing you a fabulous week of your favourite creative fun,

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PS I’m a total convert to the power of music for boosting our efforts, so if you’d like more on this theme, I wrote about it here

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And if you’re feeling ready for a deeper commitment to your creative calling, I designed Your Creative Dharma to guide you in discovering your unique sweet spot of joyful expression, purpose and success. 

More details below if this Creativity for Humanity idea strikes a chord with you… 

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“No one can do what you can do.
We are waiting on your greatness.”


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