How To Strengthen Your Intuition: A Game For Creatives

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Would you like to strengthen your intuition?

I can’t imagine any creative person wouldn’t want to hone their connection to their inner world, so I have a fun game for you that’s going to help with this hugely beneficial creative practice.

But first, a little note on synchronicity, the illusion of randomness, and your creative power to choose…

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Why are you here?

If you’re reading this then I believe you are in my world for a reason.

I believe that my work has something that can help you in some way.

Maybe it’s a small and simple insight that can help you rediscover your creative flow.

Or maybe it’s a practical tip that is all you need to get moving with a project that’s important to you.

Or perhaps it’s simply a few words of encouragement that provide the much-underestimated inspiration to keep calm and carry on.

I rarely know who my offerings are for when I create them, but I trust that they are meant to reach and inspire someone, somewhere.

And so I write to my subscribers every week, and share new blog posts, gifts, tools and resources designed to soothe your soul and spark your spirit.

I believe this is my dharma, and it’s work that I LOVE, work that benefits me as much as those I am creating for.

So, that’s why I’m here.

And the reason you are here?

To choose.

All you ever need to do is choose what inspires you, to cherry pick whatever calls to you, and leave the rest.


How can you know which is the right post to read, the right link to click?

This is the fun part!

You get to practice listening to the internal nudges that are whispering your perfect guidance, the inklings that help you feel tempted to read the words that will fast track you to the results you’ve been seeking.

Intuitive selection and discernment.

This is a life skill that I believe can transform your work, your daily experience and your enjoyment of the journey.

It’s both an art and a practice.

And today I invite you to dabble with this innate ability, to hone your sensitivity when it comes to knowing what’s right for you.

Because this modern world is one of overwhelming stimulation, with more information than could be consumed in a thousand lifetimes.

Tuning into your unfailing guidance system enables you to not only tune out all the unnecessary noise, it primes you for going straight to the perfect words and wisdom for you.

It’s quite the time-saver!

And to support you in honing this marvellous skill, here’s a quick, easy and fun game that you can play right now…

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How to strengthen your intuition

A Game for Creatives

I recently collated all the blog posts I wrote in 2021 onto a single page of my website, and if you’d like to play this game, I invite you to head over there and find the one post that I wrote for you.


I fully believe that if you’re here, there is something for you – something that can assist your life, work, happiness or wellbeing in some way.

Your challenge is to take moment, take a breath, tune into your unfailing internal guidance, and see which post catches your eye, calls your heart or tugs at your curiosity.

I promise, there will be one.

All you need to do is trust yourself to choose it.

Would you like to play?!

Whenever you’re ready, click to button below to open the collection in a new tab, so you can give them your full and devoted attention:

If you decide to play this game of honing your intuitive discernment, I would LOVE to hear how it goes!

But whether you give this a go, or you simply muse over the idea that you DO have this secret internal power to fast-track your development, I hope these words will inspire you to nurture a closer relationship with your inner genius, and your ability to trust it.

Because that way, all kinds of wonderful magic lies… 

Wishing you a beautiful, inspiring and joy-filled week,

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer

PS I fully trust in the accuracy of intuitive nudges, but it has taken me some time to cultivate this trust.

If this is a new skill for you, or you’re not yet fully convinced, I recommend playing anyway, purely for the creative benefits of playfulness.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into developing a stronger faith in this process, this blog post is a good place to start, or my Creative Faith programme is a more focused support system.


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