How to reboot your creative mindset

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Need to reboot your creative mindset?

Working on a creative project can be both thrilling and fulfilling – but it isn’t always easy.

When we attempt anything great or new, there’s likely to be some struggles or challenges along the way. And the way we handle these trials can make a crucial difference to our creativity, productivity and success.

How we react and respond when we hit these inevitable stumbling blocks (our mindset) will have a direct impact not only on our output and process, but also on our sense of self and our quality of life.

That’s a big impact!

But as they say, forewarned is fore-armed. When you expect to come up against challenges – and you have a few simple strategies to deal with them – stumbling blocks will be less of a hindrance on your creative path.

So, here are three quick-and-easy remedies to reboot your creative mindset, for those moments when you need a fresh dose of inspiration, clarity or innovation energy.

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3 Simple Techniques To Reboot Your Creative Mindset

1. Take a breath

Breathing is so natural and automatic that it’s easy to forget the power our breath can have in recalibrating our energy.

It can calm frantic minds and soothe frazzled souls. It can restore our composure and equilibrium.

Pausing to take a breath reconnects us to our bodies and the present moment. (Instead of getting stuck in The Land of Overthinking.) This presence allows us to more easily access the source of our creativity – we are more effortlessly creative when we’re relaxed and calm.

So when you begin to feel the frustration, confusion, doubt or resistance that are a part of any creative endeavour – take a breath.

Take a moment to breathe deeply, slowly, calmly and with awareness.

Tune in, slow down. Just breathe.

With just a few simple breaths, you’ll open up a degree of mental space and emotional balance, making it easier to reconnect with your innate creativity and receive ideas for new ways to approach your challenge.

It may sound too simple to be effective – but why not try it and see for yourself? It’s free! And it’s a tool that’s available any time and anywhere.

{ Try this 1-minute Breath Mini-Meditation from Headspace }

2. Take a step back

When we’re highly engaged in a project or problem, we can lose sight of the bigger picture or alternative routes to our goal. We can become too focused on our intentions and plans, cutting off new possibilities or opportunities.

So, if you’ve reached a stuck-point in your creative process – take a step back.

If possible, step away from the project. Leave the room, go outside, get some air, move your body, look at something beautiful. Ground yourself in physical reality – so much of our creative angst only exists in our heads.

Taking a step back will help you awaken to new perspectives, new inspiration, and creative new solutions.

This strategy will also help you to see your current challenge as just one piece in The Grand Scheme of Things, which can naturally reduce any creativity-sapping stress or anxiety.

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3. Talk it out

Have you ever heard of Talk Therapy?

There’s something soothing, healing and enlightening about talking through our challenges. Psychiatrists and counsellors have known this for decades.

So, if you’re feeling challenged by a particular block or problem, find a kind and willing ear to just hear you out.

Putting a scenario into words can often be all it takes to highlight the solution or remedy. And sometimes we don’t even truly know what we think about something until we say it!

So, just explaining the issue to someone outside of your head can actually help you get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. If you can’t find a willing partner, writing it out in a journal can be just as effective.

NOTE: It can be helpful to give yourself a time limit for this, to avoid lapsing into complaining mode or dwelling in doubt. (Plus, even the kindest friend will have limited patience.)

Aim to discuss the issue as a clarity-seeking exercise. Allow five or ten minutes to explain the challenge, and then switch your focus to possible solutions.

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• • • 

These are just three possible ways to quickly and easily restore your innate creativity, and I hope they’ll come to mind as options the next time you feel stuck, or you’re beginning to sense doubt, confusion or frustration.

But feel free to get creative!

Play with these ideas, discover which ones are your favourites, and then tailor them to suit you and the way you prefer to work.

“Inspiration is available.”


Your creative powers are available to help you with the process as well as the end result.

There are many possible routes along the creative path, and you’ll enjoy the journey so much more if you experiment with the best one for you.

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