How to get what you want (+ feel-good factor)

how to get what you want + feel good factor

The following post reveals my 5am epiphany about how we can all get whatever it is that we want – and feel good about it! 

But first, in the interest of sharing ways to access your own ‘epiphany-zone’, here’s a short story of how it came about…

(If you’re a bed-loving creative with Big Dreams, I think you’ll like this productivity tip. 🙂 ) 

How to stay in bed and be productive

Some mornings, I wake up much earlier than I need to.

In the conventional approach to productivity, I should get up and get busy, making the most of the extra time for day-to-day activities.

But I don’t – precisely in the interests of being more productive.

Because I’ve noticed that these early morning spells can be a potent time for receiving new ideas, insights, inspiration and divine downloads – it’s a highly muse-friendly state.

I’ve written before about the creative potential of the first waking moments of the day, especially what the scientist call hypnopompia, though I prefer to use my Grandad Norman’s term; weaving in and out.

And this morning was a perfect example of how staying in bed can be an excellent use of our time.

Not only did this blog post arrived fully formed and ready-written in my mind, (thank you muse!), I also had an epiphany about a strategy for getting more of whatever we want.

Quite a useful insight!

Well worth lingering in bed a little longer, especially on a snowy January morning.

So, if you ever find yourself awake before you need to be, I highly recommend not rushing to rise, and instead enjoying a spell of snuggled-up and sleepy musings, to see what your muse might have in store.

And my epiphany?

Here’s what I realised as I was weaving in and out this morning… 

snowy january morning yorkshire woods

How to get what you want

My 5am epiphany

As I hid from the snow and stayed curled up in bed this morning, I realised…

After putting together a course to help creative people find their dream career – I am now enjoying my dream career.

After creating a programme to help people enjoy more inspiration – I am now regularly inspired, virtually on demand.

After sharing my creative prayers to help others enjoy more peace and inner calm – I now enjoy higher levels of peace and inner calm.

After helping people design the lives they dream of – my own Life By Design blueprint is falling into place.

After creating a programme to help people find more clarity – I am becoming crystal clear about my own life and work.

And after sharing tips on how to experience more calmfidence – that fabulous emotion is now a regular feature in my day-to-day life. 

Can you see the pattern?!

Whatever I have helped others to enjoy – I have received more of that in my own life.

Whatever I have given, I have received. In spades. 

Now, I know this concept of giving and receiving is not a new idea, especially in spiritual circles.

I even read a book a few years ago that describes this practice in depth – The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally.

But this morning, I finally got it!

Not just on an intellectual, theory level – but as an inner knowing.

And I hope that by sharing my epiphany, you might be tempted to test the theory out in your own life, so that you can enjoy more of whatever it is that your heart and soul are craving.

heart stone bokeh lights

The feel-good factor

While this concept may seem too simple to be true, it’s actually a little trickier than you might imagine. 

Because it requires that we give before we receive. 

As someone who values excellence and the pursuit of mastery, I can vouch that it’s not always easy to help others when we don’t yet feel we have all the answers ourselves. 

I believe it takes courage to offer to help others with something we haven’t yet mastered. 

And yet, if and when we do, there is a double pay-off. 

Firstly, we get to feel good about helping others – however messy, imperfect or amateurish our efforts may be.

And helping others adds meaning to our lives, boosts our self image, and makes the world a better place.

All worthwhile benefits. 

And secondly, the give-to-receive magic kicks in!

We get to become the recipient of whatever it is we have helped our fellow humans with. 

And so, this is my recommended strategy for getting more of whatever you want: 

Give that.

jai jagdeesh dharma quote

It’s similar to the idea of teaching what we need to learn, but much more flexible and applicable to all aspects of life. 

For example, if you want more success – it’s easy to look for ways to help others enjoy more success. 

If you crave better health or relationships, you probably don’t need to look too far to find someone who could use some assistance in those areas. 

And if your heart’s desire is to do the creative work you love for a living – there are numerous ways to support others who share that same dream. 

Speaking from experience – it works.  

“Present success…
comes from having maintained
a generous state of mind in the past.”

~ The Diamond Cutter

Over to you!

So, there you have it – my 5am epiphany and a feel-good strategy for getting whatever you want. 

If you’re wondering how this could work, or how it could possibly make any sense – you’re not alone.

It does appear to be counterintuitive and paradoxical. 

But I invite you to experiment with this concept in your own life and see how it plays out for you. 

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🙂 

And I would LOVE to hear about your results! 

Wishing you a wealth of success with both your giving and receiving. 


danielle raine creativity coach

PS My current craving is for a certain level of freedom and service that I have christened Six Figure Soul Work – so naturally, I’m planning to help others achieve precisely that.

If Six Figure Soul Work is something you’d like some help with – you can stay in the loop of launch news by signing up for any of my Free Gifts & Tools.

In the meantime, my working theories are currently available in many of my Hybrid Online Coaching Courses, especially Your Creative Dharma and How to Offer Email Coaching; A Beginner’s Guide. 

(By the principles of this post, sharing your wisdom via email coaching can be a fun fast-track to whatever it is you’re seeking! :-)) 

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