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Imagine if the norm for your workday was a happy haze of effortless productivity and creative flow…

Would you like to enjoy more productivity? 

In this week’s dose of inspiration for your creative spirit, I have a quick question for you:

Was your week as productive as you would have liked?

And if it was, how much did you enjoy that productive workflow and achievement?

If you’re like most creatives, you probably have a long list of visions, goals, and dreams that you would dearly love to bring to life.

And I fully believe that you have those dreams for a reason – you are meant to create them.

Not only that, you’re meant to enjoy the process.

The happy and productive expression of our creative spirit is one of life’s greatest joys.

And one of the best ways I know to enjoy more fulfilment with those precious ideas is to master the art of what I call Flow Productivity.

Learning how to find that sweet spot where creativity and productivity happily combine can be one of the best ways to fast-track your creative accomplishments and enjoy more of those inspiring feelings of success.

The good news is that – under certain conditions – this kind of free-flowing inspiration, creativity, productivity and ease is the natural order of things for anyone and everyone. 

Which means it’s possible for you.

Imagine that…

If you’d like to enjoy more of this kind of joyful productivity in your own creative adventure, the blueprint below will reveal those all-important conditions that pave the way for this kind of ease and flow.

But first, I’d like to share a quick Case Study and Creative Timeline from one of my recent creations, to demonstrate how this Flow Productivity can play out in real life, ie actually bringing a creative project to fruition.

Flow Productivity In Action


• • • 


After a happy weekend of my favourite R&R and Life Design practices, I woke up bright and early and well-rested on Monday morning.

And the first thought that appeared in my conscious mind was the idea to create a little side-project I’d been pondering for a while.

This idea was swiftly followed by the thought – coupled with enthusiasm and excitement – that maybe, just maybe… I could have it finished and published by the end of the day! #helloflow

So, over breakfast, I mapped out what was required.

Then I reshuffled some commitments and got to work.

I was so energised by my new idea that I even cut short my usual Slow Life morning practices – I just couldn’t wait to get started!

And so I spent a very Happy Monday immersed in bringing my new idea to life, just taking one inspired step after another, and allowing the nature of ideas to guide the process.

And by the end of the day?

Well, my new creative delight wasn’t quite finished, but it was clearly envisioned, outlined and branded, with most of the bare bones in place.

I was pretty happy with that progress.


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Cue another happy day working joyfully in my dharma zone, and by the following evening…

The idea that had arrived just the morning before was ready to publish.

There was still a little behind-the-scenes polishing and tinkering to do, but essentially this project had gone from early morning inkling of an idea to being live on the internet within 36 hours.

And yet, despite two creativity-fuelled days and an eagerness to have my project published ASAP, there was still time to go for walks in the spring sunshine, bake batches of double-date seed bars, go kitchen shopping and keep up my yoga practice.


Things simply don’t take as long to complete when you’re cleared for flow!

Plus, the creation process is smoother, easier and more joyful.

I feel this is the ultimate productivity tip, something I christened The Power of Whim and Fancy when I first discovered its potential a number of years ago.

This is typical of my creative process these days and I feel so blessed and grateful to have found my way to Flow Productivity as the norm.

But I believe this effortless workflow – what I call the Flow Zone – is available for us all, once we take steps towards cultivating the conditions for flow.

And what are these conditions?

This is where my Flow Productivity Blueprint comes in…

How To Cultivate Flow & Enjoy More Productivity

For over a decade, I’ve been obsessed with discovering the happiest routes to creative success.

Through my studies, experiments, clients and my own bumpy journey, I’ve learned that the following conditions are a blueprint for cultivating more effortless flow and joyful productivity.

Flow Productivity Blueprint

for creatives


diamond icon circle more productivity blueprint

1. Discover Your Dharma

Get clear on your unique dharma & purpose


stars icon more productivity blueprint

2. Access Inspiration

Learn how to align with the ever-present source of inspiration

life by design pencil icon more productivity blueprint

3. Intentional Living & Life By Design

Design your life to support the creative work that matters to you


inspiration shooting star icon more productivity blueprint

4. Clear Resistance & Blocks

Clear the invisible blocks that can get it the way


mindset faith heart icon circle more productivity blueprint

5. Mindset & Belief

Cultivate the faith to trust in yourself and believe in the value of your work

Paving the way for flow

After so many years working on the above, I’ve learned the vital role each of these ingredients can play in paving the way for that joyful creative flow where everything feels easier and work almost seems to create itself.

Flow Productivity:
where everything feels easier 
& the work seems to create itself 

I believe this Flow Productivity is available for us all, once we begin to align with the above blueprint.

As my story shows, this IS possible. (With the benefit of hindsight, the steps required aren’t even that difficult.)

And I strongly feel that my work is to share the magic – to help lovely creatives like you to also enjoy blissful days of aligned, joyful expression, fuelled by clarity and faith, unhampered by doubt, confusion and fear.

It’s such a nice way to work. 🙂

So, I hope my Case Study inspires you to consider how you can create the conditions in your life where the projects that matter to you come to life with ease and flow.

It can be done.

It is possible for you.

And if you’re thinking, That’s great – but how?! – I’ve put together a free Virtual Goodie Bag below to help you get started.


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Flow Productivity… for Procrastinators?

If the above scenario feels impossibly unrealistic due to a habit of chronic procrastination or never finishing projects…

I can relate.

Joyful productivity may be my new normal now but it certainly hasn’t always been this way for me.

For years, decades even, my habitual pattern was to continually come up with new ideas for projects and plans, spend a few hours or days pouring energy into them, only to be stalled or hampered by the various blocks and excuses* about why it might not be such a good idea after all…

This is how I know that:

It IS possible to go from chronic procrastination or lack of completion to a much happier and more productive flow of inspired energy and creative action.

If I can do it, I know you can too.

And it is my joy, and I believe my dharma, to help you.

So, if you’d like some support and guidance for getting started with your route to the joys of Flow Productivity, here a quick guide to help you…

Getting Started with Flow Productivity

1. Tune into your intuition to see which of the steps in the blueprint above you feel most inspired to try, or desperate to master.

2. Help yourself to the relevant free guide below.

3. Look forward to a happier new relationship with productivity and flow. 🙂

I would LOVE to help you spark some soul-soothing momentum that helps you create the conditions you need bring those important creative dreams of yours into the world – where they belong.

Wishing you a wonderful week and your favourite kind of flow,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’re wondering what the project was that appeared in my life so swiftly and easily, it was this one:

imac home office creativity coaching starter kit more productivity flow

My flow creation:
designed to help you find your Flow Productivity Zone…

This offering is a living example of the power of aligning with our innate creativity.

And this short introductory guide is designed for anyone who feels called to commit more deeply to their creativity.

It’s a baby step in the direction of cultivating those ideal conditions for joyful productivity and flow.

You can find more info on the Starter Kit here.

Whatever your next steps in your creative adventures, I hope my story has inspired you to find your own route to Flow Productivity.

Because, if you feel called to create – life is so much better when you do.

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They’re all free. 🙂

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