How to choose your Word for the Year (the easy way)

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While the New Year can be a fabulous energy boost, there can also be some pressure to get all our plans and goals in place ASAP during January.

But sometimes, it takes a little time to warm up to the New Year, it can take a while to get clear on what we envision for the next 12 months.

So, if you haven’t quite got your New Year started as dynamically as you’d like, and are feeling a little behind – you’re not alone.

And to help you feel clear and up-to-speed on what matters to you in the year ahead, I’d like to share with you an easy way to choose your themes or Word for the Year.

I hope it will provide a dose of soul-soothing clarity, if you’re still wondering what you’d love your 2021 to be all about…

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What if your Word for the Year is a number…? 

If choosing a word for the year is proving to be a challenge, I invite you to choose your 2021 number instead… 

Welcome to the rich and fascinating world of numerology!

Instead of deliberating over the ‘right’ themes to focus on, why not see where you are in the numerological cycle, and align with the forces at play? 

In numerology, we all have a Personal Year Number, and each of the 9 numbers has a different theme or vibration.  

These themes are playing out in our lives behind the scenes, and if we choose to align with them – consciously and intentionally – we can tap into or harness the different energies we’re living through.  

If you don’t know the number for your Personal Year, you can find the formula – and the Number Themes – below. 

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 o, here’s the simple question to ask yourself about your hopes and visions for 2021; 

Do the themes of your Personal Year Number call to you?

If so – Ta Dah!! You now have the core of your New Year goals and plans in a nutshell!

(One reason I LOVE numerology – it makes life much simpler and focusing much easier.)

And if the themes of your Personal Year don’t resonate with you at the moment, scan the other themes and see if any jump out at you.

Or if you’re interested in diving deeper into your numbers – check your Life Path themes, or your Life Phases numbers, see if any of those focus topics feel inspiring.

(My favourite numerology resource is the fabulous Felicia Bender.)

So, I hope this tip will inspire you to design the year ahead based on what really matters to you right now, and what you most want to bring to life in 2021.

Because that way, magic lies…  

BTW, this year is a 3 Personal Year for me (my favourite!), and the themes I’ve decided to focus on are;  


So, if you’re with me for the ride, you can expect to see a wealth of resources to help you enjoy those life-enhancing aspects, too.

Because giving what I seek works a treat, but also because I have an overwhelming desire to share what I learn with lovely like-minded creatives. (That’s you.)

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and a fabulous 2021,

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PS If you’d like to share your Personal Year Number – or your chosen words and themes for the year ahead – I’d love to hear!


“The Universe speaks in numbers.”

~ Graham Farmelo

How to work out your Personal Year Number;

(If you’re not a numbers person, don’t worry – it’s really basic maths.)

Firstly, add together the digits of;
• the month of your birthday
• the date of your birthday
• the current year

Eg, for my birthday October 15, the numbers would be:
1 + 0 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 12

Next, reduce to a single digit.
Eg, 1 + 2 = 3

The final single digit is your Personal Year Number.

Number Themes  in Numerology

1 Personal Year : Independence. Leadership. Confidence. New starts.

2 Personal Year : Partnership. Compassion. Patience. Harmony.

3 Personal Year : Creativity. Freedom. Affluence. Joy.

4 Personal Year : Order. Systems. Working hard. Pragmatism.

5 Personal Year : Change. Freedom. Adventure. Travel.

6 Personal Year : Home. Family. Nurturing. Love.

7 Personal Year : Spirituality. Study. Retreat.

8 Personal Year : Power. Career. Business. Finance.

8 Personal Year : Endings. Completion. Humanitarianism. Wisdom.

There’s more info about Number Themes over on my Numerology Pinterest Board.

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