How to be more productive (when you just want to sleep)

how to be more productive (when you just want to sleep)

Sleep, Wellness & Productivity Tips

– Designed for Creatives

As a proud napper and passionate advocate for the power of sleep and wellbeing, my collection of sleep-related tips for creatives has been steadily growing over the years.

So I thought it would be helpful to have the full collection available in one place – to help you happily harness the many benefits of good quality sleep, without worrying that you should be ‘being more productive’.

Welcome to the Sleep-loving Creative’s Guide to Having It All…

creative power of naps rest book review productivity sleep tips

Sleeping can actually be highly productive!

Discover the wellness-&-creativity-boosting power of the humble nap.

hitting the snooze button a creative morning practice productivity sleep tip

Welcome to the human-friendly art of Creative Snoozing. 

If you like to linger in your warm and cosy bed when you wake up, you’ll like this productivity tip…

3. Learn my all-time top tip for creative energy & productivity

After almost a decade of Creativity Coaching with a holistic focus, this has become my No 1 tip for getting your creative mojo back. 

charlie morley creativity quotes lucid dreaming sleep productivity tip

We have to sleep anyway, so why not harness this potent creative time for our productivity goals? 

Mastering this skill may also help you feel better about prioritising the sleep your body needs.

And that way, health and vitality lies…

5. Use your sleeping mind for creativity

paddy wax library candle tolstoy quote creativity sleep tip

From this collection of Creativity & Writing Tips: how to use your sleeping hours to access creative solutions and productive ideas

6. Get the free Active Resting workbook

muse spa active resting module laptop bed

This is a free sample workbook from my virtual retreat for creatives – The Muse Spa.

You receive the entire module and workbook when you subscribe to the Muse Spa info series.

7. Learn how to do nothing and be more productive

michael bungay stanier creativity blog quote do nothing be more productive

This productivity tip is one of my favourites, and it’s not limited to rest-time, naps or sleeping.

Any kind of restorative Time Out will do. 🙂

There you have it – my collection (so far) of tips to help you be more productive and creative, even if all you want to do is curl up somewhere cosy and quiet for a lovely sleep. 

It is possible to do both! 

I hope you find at least one of these tips helpful in creating a healthier and happier relationship with both sleep and productivity.

Given that I am obsessed with this holistic approach to our best creations and lives, I’m sure I’ll be adding even more ideas to this collection – so please do come back the next time your mind is craving progress but your body is craving a nap. 

And if you enjoy any genius breakthroughs or creative insights with your new sleep practices – I’d love to hear!

Wishing you a creative, productive and restorative week,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If a healthy, balanced, sustainable and holistic approach is your preferred route to success and happiness, you can find out more about the many benefits of this kind of creative support in my new Starter Kit.

More details below…

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