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#5 in my 30 Creativity Quotes from 30 Creative Minds series: Danielle LaPorte & Linda Sivertsen

A success tip that will make you more creative

Welcome to the next exciting instalment of my creativity quotes & tips email series
Today’s offering comes from a co-written project that I’m currently reading called Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, by the sparky and insightful Danielle LaPorte and her partner in inspiration, Linda Sivertsen.
As I read their soulful and heartfelt introduction, this line leapt off the page:
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This week’s picture was taken in my beautiful hotel room (thank you LateRooms!) when I stayed in Edinburgh’s Picardy Place – which just happened to be the birthplace of the highly creative and successful Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

A self-fulfilling prophecy of success

I love this idea, which wraps up my feelings on positivity, visioneering, and how we’re at our best when we are doing what we love – and doing it well.

twitter aquaIt’s encouraging to know that a vision of success can not only power us through the doubts and wobbles, but actually enhance the creative process, too.

So I hope this idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy of success inspires you to plan some of your own creative victories.

Here’s to planning our successes – and then creating them.

Till next week!

PS This quote also reminds me of one of my favourite snippets from Your Creative Dharma, on the creative power of believing in our own success...

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Your Creative Dharma how to be successful believe you are copy

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If you’d love more virtual self-belief boosters, you can find the full collection of snippets, quotes and pinnables from Your Creative Dharma here.

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