how somehow mug

Harness the magic of believing. 

(It really is a creative superpower!)  

Possibility Reminder for Visionaries, Creatives & Big Dreamers

How? Somehow. Tea / Coffee Mug

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Magic happens when you swap How? for Somehow

Try it!

It kick-starts your inner steeliness and sends your mind off in creative new directions.

There’s still a time and a place for pondering the Hows, but when there seems to be no clear way to go, try simply declaring;


And see what happens…

• • • 

This mug will remind you of the power of Somehow thinking and the magic of believing in possibility. 

For best effects, use it wherever you plan your big visions, goals and dreams…

PS If you’d like more on the power of believing in possibility, I highly recommend The Magic of Believing by Claude M Bristol. 

This was one of the first books that helped me truly understand the creative power of our marvellous human minds. 

There really is a powerful magic at play when we believe…


PPS I wrote a blog post all about the power of creative faith – you can read it here. 

the magic of believing claude m bristol

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