Gift #3 for your creative journey:

It’s spa time! 



After a 20-year study of the creative process, I recently compiled all my learnings into a beautiful digital journey, a virtual spa for creatives.

 I call it The Muse Spa

And so my third gift to you is one of the most popular (and life-changing) components of The Muse Spa:

The Rudder Board.

A short exercise to calm your mind, soothe your soul and ignite your creative spirit. 

I hope you enjoy this complimentary Muse Spa ‘treatment’, my hope is that you’ll find it both inspiring and soothing. 

(This workbook is part of a complimentary 3 Day Pass that you can enjoy to sample the full Muse Spa experience. If this sounds like a treat of you, you can get more details of the free trial here.) 


Quick technical note. Please download (option-click) the pdf before you input your answers in the editable fields. (Or you may lose all your input.) 





Click on the image >>>  to view The Rudder Board, or option-click to download to your device. 

(You may want to check in with this on a regular basis!) 









Muse spa pass Day 2 cover



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