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My journey from the wannabe-writer wilderness to a spot on the bestseller lists.



“Now is an incredible time to be a writer.

This is the Information Age.

Content is the new currency and writers are content-creating machines.

Opportunities to make a living from putting words on paper/screen are everywhere.

Those who master the art of written communication will be in a position to prosper.” 


One of the most valuable sources of inspiration during my own creative journey, has been discovering others who have gone where I want to go. 

wannabe writer ipadSeeing the challenges and victories of our fellow humans, can be vital fuel to flagging spirits. 

So, I offer you this book, an account of my journey from the Wannabe Writer Wilderness to a spot on the bestseller lists.

The highs. The lows. The shortcuts.

I’ve wrapped up everything I learned from over a decade of writing and self-publishing adventures.

Like a Little Black Book of Writer’s Resources. (Except it’s blue…)

My hope is that these stories, mishaps and lessons learned (the hard way) will save you time, money, energy, tears and heartache.  


I’d like to show that it’s possible to go from nothing – no budget, no experience, no publisher – and not only write your book and get it out into the world, but also get it into the hands of your adoring readers.


How to write a book.jpgIf you have ‘Write My Book’ on your list of Big Dreams…

If you’re curious about the self-publishing process… 

If you’re inspired and encouraged by success stories…

If you enjoy reading about other writers, how they publish their books, and how they earn a living…

If you could use some hints and tips for book promotion, DIY publicity and online marketing …


…this is for you.  




You’ll discover…

• How I ‘accidentally’ wrote my first book

• The pros and cons of self-publishing

• The step-by-step sequence of how I reached readers 
  (who became raving fans)

• How I landed an agent with just 4 emails

• Why I turned down conventional book deal offers

• How I got national press coverage with one tweet

• My secret to being the media’s go-to person in your niche

wannabe writer contents page




Praise for From Wannabe To Writer

“Two sentences in and I knew Danielle and I were going to get along just fine!

Self-depricating and assertive in equal measure, she’s quick to set wannabe writers 
at ease with her wit and generous anecdotal evidence that it’s all very do-able, this publishing lark.

From Wannabe to Writer is a breath of fresh air from those bossy how-tos, 
all the while actually supplying you with exactly how to. 

The difference is Danielle doesn’t tell you how things work, just how she published her book; 
that book, that time, her way.

No guarantees, but a truckload of love and hand-holding. 

For any writer – just beginning, battling ever onward, or about to quit – read this first!

                                                                                                  ~ Kris Emery,



Click on the image >>>  to read From Wannabe to Writer, or option-click to download to your device.  


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… because the world needs more happy creatives.


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