From chronic procrastination to record-breaking productivity & flow

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From stuck to flow

This week, I’ve been blissfully absorbed in my new project that chose to arrive in my life – in quite spectacular fashion.

I didn’t know when I went to bed last Sunday evening that within 36 hours I would have a new concept for a programme, have it live and launched and receiving wonderful Beta Testers.

(I created this timeline of creation if you’d like to see how it played out for me over those two exciting days.)

Even though the pace of my creations has increased dramatically in recent years, this latest adventure was fast!

It still feels a bit of a blur, almost like a whirl of ideas and activity took over, and I was just swept along, automagically.

And I’ll admit, this easy flow of creativity and productivity is a fun ride!

But it wasn’t always like this…

Flashback to 2013…

Almost 10 years ago, I had the idea for a new project that would become (eventually) The Muse Spa.

But between the initial idea and the eventual launch, there was quite a lengthy gap. 

I remember that I kept creating Coming Soon! graphics and having to change the release date. 

Actually, it wasn’t as specific as a date, or even a month – my slow (stuck) productivity patterns required entire seasons of planning.

Coming soon… Spring 2013!

Coming soon… Summer 2013!

Coming soon… Autumn 2013!

Coming soon… 2014!!

Because I had so many ideas for this programme.

It was going to be everything I’d ever learned that could help people feel more creative and inspired, especially if they had an interest in health and wellness principles. (My pet topic.)

The curriculum started off massive, and just grew.

And grew and grew.

The early iterations of The Muse Spa turned into an overwhelming beast of a programme – far too much and too complicated for a solopreneur mum of two young boys to create during her few precious hours of quiet time.

Eventually, though, a slimmed-down version emerged, but even this took what felt like an age to put together.

Month by month, week by week, little bit by little bit, the pieces all began to fall into place, until finally, it was done.

(This point was after I’d sold the programme to my first lovely Muse Spa guests – cue many late nights frantically getting workbooks ready for their inbox the next day when they were due. Not a technique I recommend if health and stress-free living are high on your agenda.) 

Coming-soon-2013 The Muse Spa

{I created so many Coming Soon graphics after so many postponed release dates that eventually I stopped specifying a timeframe – not the most helpful solution, either for my business or potential Muse Spa guests.}

A pattern of procrastination

This kind of chronic procrastination was the norm for most of my adult life.

The evernote pictured above was started and then abandoned to a fate of awaiting my notes on the topic for 9 years!!!

So, what changed?

Why has my productivity and workflow rate increased up so dramatically in recent years?

Why do I now enjoy a flow state that sees a new idea ready and launched and selling within 36 hours?

What happened that made such a spectacular difference?

Hello Flow happened.

I didn’t ‘fix’ my chronic procrastination.

I didn’t use willpower to enforce better productivity levels.

I didn’t train my brain to become a Fast Action Taker.

All I did was clear the way for the innate flow that awaits all of us, once the obstacles are removed.

By tracking my own practices, experiments and results, I learned that;

Procrastination is less a problem that needs to be fixed or an issue with something that’s missing, it’s more about just removing what was in the way.

After that…


…hello flow.

Hello new clarity, confidence and energy.

Hello new productive work habits.

Hello new effortless ease and enjoyment in the process.

I swear by the practices I share in Hello Flow – I recommend them to anyone and everyone who feels any kind of stuckness, especially if they’re blaming themselves or trying to force themselves to be or do something that their heart and mind are bucking against.

These practices have transformed my life, not only because of the results they have paved the way for, but also because they are all – every single one of them – life upgrades.

They make like better!!

They enhance life now – even before the new flow habits kick in.

And they all build on each other and have cumulative benefits that just increase over time, creating a wonderful positive momentum and upward spiral effect.

There comes a point where the effects reach a tipping point and things begin to take on a life of their own.

It’s such a blessing to experience, and yet the practices are so simple to implement!

This is why I’m such a passionate advocate for the Hello Flow magic.

And when people enquire about how I can bring things to life so quickly these days, I instantly know the answer.

Two words: Hello Flow.

The collection of practices that have transformed my productivity, creativity and output – and as a result, my results and success.

Not to mention, joy of joys, even higher levels of enjoying the journey.

So, if you can identify with chronic procrastination, too many ideas, projects that take forever to see the light of day, I hope you’ll take comfort in the idea that you’re not faulty, hopeless or destined to suffer a life of unfinished projects and unfulfilled visions.

You just need to clear the way for flow.

And then… watch how the magic happens.


If you’d like to find out for yourself what your life looks and feels like with more flow and ease, you can find out more about these potent Hello Flow practices here.

And as I’m still enjoying the last days of Birthday Season, I’ve also extended the Dharma Flow Bundle offer. (Details below).

So, I hope you’re inspired and/or encouraged by my story – the creative’s equivalent of rags to riches;

From stuck to flow.

It’s possible, it’s available, and it’s probably easier than you think to start enjoying these benefits for yourself.

Just remember to let me know when your long-planned creation is ready to share with the world!

I’d love to help you spread the word.

Wishing you a wonderful week of flow, magic and the results you’ve been craving,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’d like a behind-the-scenes of my creative process, I’ve broken down all the details in this Day In The Life story of how my recent project came to be.

You may be surprised by how much of my work day isn’t spent working at all! 🙂



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