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The secret to success for introvert creatives

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Marketing has long been an Achilles Heel for many creatives, but there’s good news;

Feel-good marketing is an enjoyable and sustainable route to more impact, connection and success. 

Read on to learn how you can discover your own marketing success sweet-spot, even if you’re a fellow introvert or sensitive soul.  

Is your creative soul at odds with modern marketing?

Here’s something I know about you:

You have uniquely valuable gifts to offer the world.

And since you’re reading this, I also know that you have a powerful inner calling to living a creative life.

Which is wonderful!

However, here’s something else that I sense may be true;

When it comes to sharing and marketing your creative work or business, things are… complicated.

Am I right?


The Achilles Heel for Creatives

If you’re anything like the vast majority of creatives in my audience, you may have mixed feelings, or even an intense aversion to promoting your creations or gifts.

And I can relate – despite working in marketing for my entire professional career, sharing my own creative work with the world has been both emotional and challenging.

However, there’s good news.

And to give you a quick visual of how things can turn around – even for the most reluctant creative soul – here’s a snapshot of the locations of visitors to my website over the last 28 days:

website visitor location map

Would you like your work to reach a worldwide audience?

Would you like to connect with more of the people who get you?

Would you like those who appreciate and value your unique gifts and offerings to find you?

This is where marketing comes in – but I’ve found that for creatives, it has to be a certain kind of marketing.

For us to be fully on board (so it actually works), it has to be a good fit for our values and sensibilities.

It has to be a strategy that our souls can get behind, a practice that our creative spirits can get excited about.


AKA: Feel-Good Marketing

If you’d you like an instant shift in your feelings towards marketing, picture this…

blue-tick-check-circle  Waking up to emails from grateful fans who have found your work and it’s already making a positive difference in their lives.

blue-tick-check-circle  Having multiple sources of traffic to your website, without needing to spend all your time on social media (unless you love that!).

blue-tick-check-circle  Autopilot Reach, ie you set things up, tend to to them as and when you feel inspired, and they work for you while you do other things.

blue-tick-check-circle  Sharing your best work with your fellow humans in a win-win way – they’re uplifted by your work, and you enjoy inspiring new connections that help to build your career and business vision.

blue-tick-check-circle  Leveraging your quiet strengths, the gifts that you believe prevent you from making an impact in today’s noisy world – these can actually be your superpower!

blue-tick-check-circle  A marketing practice that feels aligned with your soul purpose.

blue-tick-check-circle  A regime that aligns with your ideal Day Design and the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

blue-tick-check-circle  Enjoying more successful results from less physical effort by tapping into the support of universal principles.

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There is a better way…

All of the above are hallmarks of the way I do my marketing, and the ever-improving results that I continue to enjoy.

So, I know it’s possible.

Which means it’s possible for you, too!

(Feel free to read that again: feel-good marketing is possible for you.)

In my case, it took a long time to get to here – years of trial-&-error, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with that route.

Thousands of hours, and thousands of pounds spent learning the many marketing methods and strategies.

But the good news is that I feel called to share what I’ve learned – so that you can enjoy a much faster success-track and avoid the painful learning curve.

Would you like to know the short-cuts to feel-good marketing?

Would you like to learn the timeless principles that aren’t dependant on the latest trends, technology or platforms?

Would you like to discover a way to enjoy your marketing, and feel as though it’s a perfect match for who you really are?

(Imagine that…)

If this sounds like the solution to any promotion phobias, stay tuned for the new project I’m working on, designed especially for my fellow quiet types.

There are more details below of what’s coming and how you’ll soon be able access an inspiring new fast-track for your marketing success.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If this vision has got you excited about what’s possible and you’d like a little preview of what’s possible, this blog post is a perfect primer.

It will help you to believe that you can do it your way – the way that feels good to you.

• • • 

UPDATE: My new Feel-good Marketing programme is now available! 

If you’d like to learn how quiet types have an advantage in the digital age…

If you know that feeling more positive about your marketing would make a difference to your results…

If you wish there was a way to feel-good about promoting your work and reaching your audience online…

You can discover all the soul-soothing details here:

Only Connect: Marketing Mentorship for Introvert Creatives


“Only connect.” 


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