Embracing imperfection & creating in public

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Embracing imperfection

This morning I woke up and decided that today was the day to answer a little creative nudge that has been beckoning my soul for the last few months.

This siren call has been getting louder of late, and after a week of musing over various options, I felt strongly that today was the day for action.

And while I normally launch into my new projects in the privacy and safety of my beloved creative cave, I’m feeling called to do this project a little differently.

A little more publicly.

Inspired by the artist I saw on holiday in beautiful Whitby, who was bravely painting his masterpiece in the gallery window, revealing his entire creative process to all the shoppers and passers-by.

I’m hoping that sharing my own process and messy behind-the-scenes imperfection will help others to see that beautiful creations don’t always start that way.

Sometimes, if not always, the early stages of a creative endeavour can be more questions than answers.

More problem than solution.

More WTF? than Ta-Dah!


(At least, this is how it plays out for me.) 

So if you’re curious about how creative works begin and evolve, you can witness my latest adventure from the very beginning here;

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Creating in public

Again, this is very much an early work-in-progress, and it feels more than a little awkward to share when there’s SO much I want to improve!

But in the spirit of sharing the journey and not just the end result, I’m creating this publicly – with all imperfections on display.

You may like to watch how it evolves over time, but my biggest hope is that it inspires you to also make some messy moves of your own, in the name of joyful progress with something that matters to you.

I’m hoping that this project will soon be up to my usual standards for sharing very soon.

But if you’d like to see the first awkward baby steps of my creative process, you can find my latest experiment here.

I’m SO excited for this new venture!

And the fact that I’m shaking up my process in bringing it to life makes me wonder where it’s going to take me…

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

• • •

Wishing you a joyful week of whatever is beckoning your soul,

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PS The fact that I was able to take this idea from inkling to published within a few happy hours is down to what I call the Magic of Gusto.

If you could use a little of that gusto magic in your creative adventures, I share the story of that particular Life Upgrade in this free guide;

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