Dream Career Clarity

Virtual Workshop for Creative Women

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Discover the benefits of Dream Career Clarity.

Feel inspired, energised and clear. 

Reduce confusion, anxiety and indecision.

Take more effective actions that lead to progress and success.

Dream Career Clarity


Dream Career Clarity is a week-long online coaching intensive.

Designed for creative women who are craving a more fulfilling expression of their gifts and potential.

(But aren’t quite sure what that looks like…)

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Is this you?

You’d love your own business, but you’re not sure which business idea to go with.

You’re eager to serve your audience with heart and devotion, but you get stuck on the Ideal Client exercise.

You want to thrive, succeed and prosper, but you feel lost and rudderless in the marketplace.

You feel called to a beautiful vision of creativity and connection, but aren’t fully convinced you can get there. 

If you can relate to any of the above, there’s an antidote to the angst, frustration and lack of progress:

Dream Career Clarity.

Because feeling clear about your Big Picture – the core values and vision that are driving you – can help to;

• spark that all-important momentum

• eliminate dilemmas

& make decision-making so much easier.

 This Virtual Intensive will help you get clear on your ultimate goal – so you can confidently make decisions that take you where you want to go. 

We’ll clarify your unique purpose and drive, so you can take the right steps in the right direction. 

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What happens when you feel clear about your Dream Career? 

You bring it to life faster, easier, and with more joy.

It even begins to take on a life of its own…

This is for you if…

blue tick check circle You’re at a crossroads in your career or life

blue tick check circle You’re feeling your current path isn’t the route to your happiest success

blue tick check circle You know you’re meant for something more inspiring, fulfilling, or just more you, but you’re just not sure what that looks like

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Your Creative Dharma what you love to do is what you're meant to do

 Together we’ll map out the Dream Career of your future, so that you can enjoy more clarity, confidence, and decisive action in the present.

Because bold steps and forward momentum will accelerate the career success that’s calling you.

(And it’s calling you for a reason.)

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Back in 2008, my youngest son began primary school, and I began a search for my Dream Career.

After a bumpy 15-year journey, I’m finally living and loving my dharma, and the difference that makes to my quality of life is like night and day.

In trying to express what career clarity feels like, I’m reminded of the definition yogis use for Wahe Guru;

The indescribable joy of going from darkness to light. 

Because career confusion can be frustrating and painful, while Career Clarity can be liberating.

And not only have I found my own way to blissful clarity, I tracked my results along the way.

I mapped the journey. Because I somehow knew that, one day, I’d want to share it.

Now, one of my greatest joys is to share what I learned, to help others benefit from the map I created.

Imagine a world where everyone does the work they love, the work they are uniquely perfect for…

That’s my vision and what I’m working towards, one Dream Career-seeker at a time.

So, if you have a deep desire to get on the path to your happiest career ASAP, this workshop is for you.

To your clarity, career happiness and indescribable joy,


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Feeling crystal clear on your direction.

Designing a Big Picture that excites and inspires you.

Having a a clear vision that guides both daily micro decisions and big life choices.

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Creativity. Freedom. Purpose. Affluence. Joy.

AKA: Your Dream Career.

“I feel hugely motivated and I’m so pleased that I am finally making progress with my business – after a decade of procrastination, worry and uncertainty.

THANK YOU for your support.

It is so nice to have you cheering me on in the wings!”

Kate, Coach & Writer

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Also includes complimentary access to Your Creative Dharma

Dream Career Clarity


1:1 Coaching & Mentorship to help you feel inspired and clear about your direction and Dream Career.


What’s included?

1 x week (Mon-Fri) of workshopping, coaching and mentorship via email, to uncover your most aligned direction and your ultimate career vision

1 x week of continued coaching as you implement your new insights.

2 x follow-up Coaching Check-In / Q&A – you can choose either weekly or monthly, so that you can balance the support and implementation schedule that works for you.

Immediate access to the Prep Zone gifts and support resources as soon as you register

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Enjoy complementary access to Your Creative Dharma – the perfect programme to guide you in implementing your new Dream Career clarity.


What results can I expect?

This workshop will be tailored to your unique requirements, but here are some of the  results we’ll be working towards;

blue tick check circle  Getting clear on what really matters to you, so that you map out a career path that aligns with your values and preferences.

blue tick check circle  Unravelling the Golden Thread of your work so far – the unique blend of gifts, skills and drives that have paved the way for your happiest future success.

blue tick check circle  Mapping out an inspiring, energising vision of your ultimate, perfect-for-you career – the one that simultaneously lights you up and feels right in your soul.

blue tick check circle  Discovering some techniques that will help you feel confident about going for your grandest vision with clarity and certainty.

blue tick check circle  Learning how creative drives and multi-passionate tendencies can be a fabulous ally in designing and bringing to life the career vision that’s a perfect match for you.

blue tick check circle  Enjoying a week of devoted focus, encouragement and expert insights from a fellow creative who is invested in your progress, fulfilment and success.

What's the format?

Immediately upon registering, you receive access to the Prep Zone, which includes all the information you need, along with a selection of support materials, resources and gifts.

We’ll arrange a suitable date to begin our week-long intensive.

This is 5 days (Monday-Friday) of focus, workshopping, mentorship and coaching via email.

Email coaching is the heart of this process, and it’s a powerful, effective, and enjoyable format.

I share all I’ve learned that can help you, and you’re free to ask unlimited questions.

(If you’re new to the many benefits of the Email Coaching format – you can read more about those here.)

The basis of this Virtual Workshop is simply an ongoing focus on your Dream Career Clarity, backed by my experience, expertise and the powerful frameworks I’ve developed.

Together, we’ll work towards your most aligned vision, and the internal shifts required to pursue your Dream Career with confidence, clarity and an excited anticipation of success.



What's your expertise?

I believe I am uniquely qualified to help multi-passionate creative women map out and realise their happiest career success, courtesy of my unique blend of skills and expertise:

blue tick check circle  A decade of coaching creatives with the many trials of creative living, including professional, career and business goals

blue tick check circle  Over a decade of studying the many varied routes to success and happiness in the modern world of work.

blue tick check circle  An enduring fascination with the concept of dharma – the idea that we each have a uniquely perfect and valuable role to play in the Grand Plan, one that ensures our fulfilment and prosperity.

blue tick check circle  An exclusive collection of proven mindset coaching tools and techniques. These will help you believe in your Dream Career and feel confident that it’s possible for you. (This is a HUGE piece of the puzzle.)

blue tick check circle  A commitment to enjoying the journey to success as much as possible – not only achieving your big dreams and grand visions, but also finding joy, fulfilment and satisfaction along the way.

What's the Refund Policy?

This is a 1:1 Virtual Workshop which is based on private coaching, with some resources available immediately upon enrollment.

As such, all sales are final.

If you’re not sure whether this is the right offer for you, I recommend exploring my blog, my books or my online courses .

Or if you’d like my 2-Second Test For When To Invest, you can find out more about that here.

And of course, I’m always happy to answer any particular questions that would help you make the right decision for you, so feel free to get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you!


“When you find your thing, it fuels you.”


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Say goodbye to career confusion. 

Say hello to clarity, confidence, and excitement about your direction.

And start to enjoy real progress with the Dream Career that’s meant for you.


five stars

“I feel so much more positive and clear on my direction, and I really have to thank you for that!”

Sally Harrison

Money Coach

five stars

“If you feel pulled towards this or another of Danielle’s courses don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet.
I can’t even put it into words how much you will get out of them.
It’s a wonderful, fun and enlightening experience.”

Susanne McPhee

Inspirational Sewing Instructor

five stars

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive, working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life.”

Rhoda Shapiro

Actress & Coach

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