Welcome to the final day of my 7 Days of Summer Gifting series!

I hope I’ve inspired you to give some thought to which areas would be most supportive for you to focus on right now.

Because the creative path – for all its many joys and benefits – can be a series of varied challenges.

Which is why my work has evolved into a collection of remedies for the many different phases and stages of creative living, with all the unique issues that come up along the way.

I like to envisage my collection of courses as a kind of Masters Degree in Creative Living – covering all the aspects that are a feature of any creative path.

However, if you’d like a more tailored and flexible support system, I think you’ll find today’s final Double Gifting option to be the kind of comprehensive solution you’re looking for.

It’s the gift I wish I could have invested in a couple of decades ago – it would have saved me so much time, money and heartache.

Today’s very special offering is my luxurious, all-access year-long support service – 12 months of courses & coaching, gifts & guidance – with a double-gifting twist…

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THIS WEEK ONLY: The final piece in my Double Gifting series is a special version of All Inclusive Creative Diamond programme that includes a double dose of my private mentorship, Your Creative Life By Design. 

Instead of one round of the 5-week coaching programme during your year-long programme, you receive two rounds – ie 10 weeks. 

This is in addition to the two 7-Day Kickstarter coaching programmes – totalling over 3 months of 1:1 coaching and support throughout the year – as well as all my courses

You also receive a yearlong supply of exclusive and bespoke coaching gifts – physical items posted from my home to yours, designed to act as encouraging touchstones and inspiration for your fondest creative dreams. 

You can read the full story of the Creative Diamond programme here. 

And there’s more info on Your Creative Life By Design, if you’d like to see how Design Thinking and my decades of experience in design can help you fast-track the sparkling version of your life that inspires and excites you. 


Private Mentorship + 5-week Life Design programme

double diamond creativity coaching special offer your creative life by design

From my gifts to your gifts…

I’m living proof of the magic that can happen when we devote some serious quality time and attention to our creative dreams.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – not just for us, but for our loved ones, our audience and the wider world.

Healthy, happy, inspired and productive creative really are a blessing for the entire planet.

I call it Creativity for Humanity, and this is my ultimate offering to support it.

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So if today’s upgrade option feels like the kind of tailor-made support system you need to bring your gifts to the world, I’d be delighted and honoured to share this Double Diamond opportunity with you.

All you need to do to begin is explore the Creative Diamond page and then click the More Info button. 

(You even get a free gift just for enquiring!)

And if you have any questions about this or any of the offers in this series, please just ask away – as always, I’m here to help you make the best decision for you and those important creative dreams of yours. 

To your sparkling future!

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PS If you’d prefer one of my other deep-dive coaching programmes, you can choose that instead of the extra round of Your Creative Life, By Design. 

These include; 

Creative Mentorship: A focused collaboration to help you bring to life your favourite project or move past a challenge that’s slowing your progress.

Email Coaching 1:1 Private Mentorship: 5 weeks of coaching and access to my decades of experience in email coaching, digital marketing, and building an introvert-friendly online business. 

Quietly Unstoppable: Private coaching to help you discover and cultivate the Quietly Unstoppable mindset.

Story Well: Coaching to help you write and confidently share your life stories, designed for bloggers, diarists and memoir writers. 

Write That Book : 6 weeks of devoted support and guidance to help you write that book. (You know the one!)

The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving: My new formula for manifestation, designed for creatives. 

So, if you’d love the support and guidance included in any of these areas, I hope this Double Diamond opportunity feels like a gem of a gift for you. 

And I would LOVE to work alongside you in this deeper devotion to your creative goals and dreams. 


PPS If you’d like a refresher on my 2-Second Test For When To Invest, you can find my magic formula here.

Hi! I'm Danielle.

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double diamond creativity coaching courses year special offer

Creative Diamond

A year of creativity courses & 1:1 mentorship.

A luxurious year-long support service.
Courses & coaching.
Gifts & guidance.
A unique investment in you.

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“Shine bright like a diamond”


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