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Sadly, we once again have to come to terms with the end of another stunning series of the fabulous Downton Abbey. (Did anyone expect what happened to Sybil?)

So, as we eagerly await the Christmas special, I thought I’d share the gems of domestic wisdom that I’ve gleaned from the latest season of antics in the Crawley household  – both above and below stairs…. 







(Domestic) Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

(Applicable to mansions of all shapes and sizes.)
  • Having an army of staff is no guarantee of happiness.
    Likewise a beautiful home. 
    And extreme wealth. 
  • Taking care of a home can be a full time job.
  • Whenever people live together under one roof, there will be drama. 
  • People need to eat on a frequent and regular basis.
    Feeding them is a considerable challenge and an admirable feat.
  •  The higher you climb, the more you delegate. 
  •  Providing hospitality is a generous and noble act. 
  •  Domestic bliss can be hard work.
  •  Money comes, money goes.  
  •  High born doesn’t always mean high standards. And vice versa. 
  •  As long as people are living in the house, their maintenance work will continue, ad infinitum. 
  •  Sometimes the servants have more fun than the aristocrats.  
  •  Life happens, to everyone. 
  • Hiring domestic staff creates employment and is good for the local economy.
  • Home matters.
  • Wars will be won and lost.
    Empires and dynasties will rise and fall. 
    Friends and foes will come and go. 
    There will always be housework. 


Till Christmas!


PS. If you have the gifts and talents and ability to create something that could fill the gap for us Downton fans, please please please find a way to conquer/delegate your domestic workload so that you can deliver your masterpiece.
The world is waiting!


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NEWS! I am branching out! I am expanding on my success studies and creating a new project  – beyond housework… In an upcoming blog, I’ll be exploring success in the creative arena, in particular – writing and publishing. You might want to take a look if you’re a blogger, author or aspiring writer. I’d love to see you over there, too!


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