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#25 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Felicia Bender


Have you ever wondered about the ideal conditions for your creativity?

In my quest to discover the Joy, Fun & Ease route to creative success, I’m always on the lookout for ways to smooth the bumps of our creative journeys.

So I wanted to share this gem that I found in a recent read…


Felicia Bender creativity quote

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Though I’m an advocate of creativity as the solution to many of life’s challenges, (you may have noticed…) – it can be a two-way thing:

We can get creative to make positive life changes.

And we can make changes in our lives that will boost our creative efforts.

One such change is to create the fertile condition above.

By pursuing inner calm and a strong self-image – a sense of safety, self-esteem and self-assurance – we create a safe space for our creative spirit to emerge and blossom and thrive. (Ie., without all the soul-sapping self-doubt and time-consuming dilemmas.)

As an added incentive, a strong sense of self also makes life feel more like a ‘daring adventure’ than a series of battles to be fought.

This is just one instance of how both our life and creativity can be powerfully enhanced by the art and science of Life Design.

Maybe it’s my design background, but I’m increasingly approaching life as the ultimate creative project. With recent discoveries in human potential, I see no good reason why we can’t write our own brief and even be that high-calibre client that always expects and demands the best.

We’re all creating our lives as we go along, but the more intentional we are about it – the more we craft and shape and design the journey in line with our preferences and goals – the more likely we are to create the ultimate version of our life.

Not only that, we’ll also have a lot more fun en route. (And who would say no to that?)

Of course, we all have our own brand of limitations and challenges to be solved – but this applies to all design projects. There’s still room for us to fashion creative, inventive and enjoyable results within those restrictions – so why not?

Why not craft a life that supports and enhances our creative dreams?

All it takes is time and attention and a mind open to possibilities – but can you think of a better return on your efforts than a life you love?

And the more creative we become, the more we’re able to apply our blossoming skills to improving every aspect of our life – even beyond our creative work.

It’s a virtuous cycle – we can shape our life to boost our creativity; and we can use our creativity to enhance our life.

Taking the time to assess where we are and where we want to go – as well as potential steps to getting there – can reap rich rewards in our creativity and the quality of our lives.

If you like this idea of life design, please let me know because I’ve got loads to share on this and would love to hear if you want more of it.

And if, like me, you’re interested in numerology as one of your Life Design tools, I highly recommend the source of this week’s quote;

Redesign your life numerology book felicia bender

Felicia Bender is my go-to resource for all things numerology and her book is an inspiring read.

She uses the analogy of remodelling your home to guide you through the steps of remodelling your life.

It’s human nature to want to make our homes our own, but why stop there? We can apply the same process to make our lives feel more ‘at home’ too. We can be the architect and designer of our own life.

In the book, Felicia uses our unique numerical imprints to guide us to the most effective and enjoyable route to ‘the wildly optimal you’.

(She also explains a lot about why we are the way we are, so if you’ve ever been baffled as to why you do that thing you do, numerology can provide some comforting and eye-opening answers…)

So this week’s tip, inspired by Felicia’s wise words, is to approach your life as the ultimate creative project and bring all your skills and talents and creative gifts to making it the optimum experience for you.

And if your creative muscles could use a bit of support to get going, make your first ‘redesign’ a sense of inner security and confidence.

(If you could use some support and guidance with this aspect of your Life Design, we focus on this very issue in my Muse Spa programme. I’d love to help you create an atmosphere of flourishing creativity.)

Then see what fabulousness you can unleash from that space.

Good luck and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Wishing you a wildly optimal week,

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