Gift #3 : Virtual Retreats for Creatives

Welcome to Gift #3 of my 7 Days of Summer Gifting series.

And today’s offering is a little bit special as it includes two of my most popular virtual retreats for creatives.

If you’ve been feeling that you could use a brief respite to just take a step back and recalibrate your creative endeavours, these two courses can provide the perfect combination of rebooting your energy and revitalising your creativity.

The first is a short online course that guides you through some of the most powerful processes I’ve discovered for enjoying more clarity, inner calm and confidence – 3 vital ingredients for any creative path.

It’s called Review & Renew and the Mid-Year version will be available later this month – to help you harness this potent middle-of-the-year season which is so good for taking a moment to pause and assess.

The second virtual retreat is my very first online course, The Muse Spa, which has recently been revamped and refreshed to celebrate its 10 year anniversary!

This programme is so dear to my heart as it explores the very essence of my holistic philosophy – the links between our physical health, emotional wellbeing and our creative energy.

It’s a potent approach to creative success but it’s also an enjoyable process that can guide you back to your innate inspiration and ever-present creative spark.

And as part of today’s Double Gifting Bonanza, you receive complimentary access to the Mid-Year Review & Renew journey when you treat your creative spirit to the bliss of The Muse Spa.



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The Muse Spa


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If this virtual retreat combo feels like creative heaven for you, all you need to do is purchase the newly revamped version of The Muse Spa, and you’re receive an access code when the Mid-Year Review & Renew is available in a few weeks’ time.

And if you’d like my recommendations for which of these virtual retreats to dive into first, please feel free to email me.

I’d love to guide you in making the most of these enjoyable and powerful virtual retreats.

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PS My Review & Renew programme also includes complimentary access to The Success Magnet Formula – so this offer is actually a three-fer! 🙂 

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Review more Free Samples from The Muse Spa to see if it’s right for you.

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