Welcome to Day 1 of my first ever 7 Days of Summer series – I hope you’re as excited as I am to get started!!

I did have a little something in mind to share as my first Double Gift, but then – something happened that I think is even better, especially if you are a fan of the Win-Win-Win…

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You may remember, about a year ago, I excitedly shared a programme that one of my favourite 8-figure business mentors was launching.

(If you missed that you can read it here)

Well, my inspiring mentor is doing it again – creating something so radical and so infused with faith and heart and magic that I’m once again doing something I rarely do – sharing someone else’s programme as an affiliate.

Because I believe it may be an opportunity for you to discover an energy that will uplift your creative work and your results to an exciting new level.

And as part of this week of Double Gifts, I am doubling my Bonus Goodies for anyone who signs up using my special link.

CAUTION: This offer requires a leap of faith.

(I leapt without any hesitation – such is my faith in this inspiring mentor.)

And if you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know the creative power and magic of building our faith muscles.

So, if you decide to go for it, I’ll be gifting two of my own programmes, in celebration of a new phase of self-belief and energetic clarity.

You can get more details here.

Scroll to the bottom to see the Double Bonus goodies I’ll be sharing.

(One in particular is going to help you turbo-charge your levels of faith and belief!)

 Although this wasn’t what I had planned for the first day of this fun new series, I’m feeling called to respond to this exciting new opportunity that ‘just happened’ to land in my world this morning.

And I would LOVE to enjoy the journey with you!

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PS Offering this version of my Day #1 offer was also a leap of faith for me. 

Because I know that not everyone appreciates affiliate promotions, and the trust of my audience means the world to me. 

So, it feels a little risky to share news of other people’s offers. 

But I’m trusting that the timing of this opportunity is perfect, and that someone needs to see it.

And if that someone is you, I’m happy to be the messenger who delivers your answered prayer. 🙂 



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“It’s our work to rise. 

It doesn’t help anybody that we be small.”

~ Melanie Ann Layer

...because healthy, happy & inspired creatives uplift the world. 

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