Writing as therapy : How to soothe your soul

 #12 in my Creativity Quotes series: Therese Anne Fowler


Here’s another creativity quote to help keep you inspired and in touch with your muse.

This week’s offering highlights a technique for both self-expression and self-preservation…

The therapeutic effects of writing.

The following quote, which supports this theory, comes from a novel that I’m currently captivated by;

z a novel of zelda fitzgerald therese anne fowler
z a novel of zelda fitzgerald therese anne fowler

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald 

by Therese Anne Fowler


I noticed how the fictional Zelda would often retreat to her writing projects and practices as a way to cope with her tumultuous marriage, her career struggles and the effects of her wild living.

One line in particular sums up her use of writing as a form of therapy:

Zelda quote

The comforting effects of writing go beyond the realm of fiction with many creativity and spiritual advocates championing writing as a potent tool for healing and recovery.

Writing expert Julia Cameron is renowned for her Morning Pages tool (daily free writing), something she shares in her hugely popular book, The Artist’s Way, a book that began life as a kind of creative version of the 12 Step recovery programme. (Julia shares her own story of addiction on her brilliant memoir, Floor Sample.)

It seems there’s something in the act of writing that calm frazzled minds and soothe anxious hearts, which makes it an easy and accessible form of therapy.

UPDATE: I’ve recently written more extensively on the therapeutic and creative benefits of writing:

Writing therapy; 12 benefits of writing for healing, creativity & calm

Whether your preference is to write by hand, or to type onto your favourite device, you might find that, like Julia and Zelda, writing can be a potent tool for both expression and healing.

Even if your written musings stay strictly between you and your private pages, the act of giving form to your thoughts and concerns can be deeply soothing.


Or if you do have literary aspirations, you might that you begin to discover your unique writing voice within your regular practice, or that some interesting content emerges. (Zelda’s habit of finding solace in writing resulted in some of her most successful published work.)

By the way, if you enjoy biographical fiction, I highly recommend Z. It’s a great insight into the lives behind the gloss of literary fame and fortune.

It’s also an engaging story, especially if you like living vicariously through the adventures of The Beautiful People.

(It also got me thinking that endless empty hours to pursue your creative dreams may not be all you need for a happy life. Perhaps too much time can be as inhibiting to creativity as too little…?)

Till next week!

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