#4 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Anatole France

This week’s creative gem is a quote that I stumbled across online – originally spotted on GoodReads, I think.  

It’s a line from a speech by the Parisian writer, Anatole France, and it’s a call to remember our hearts and spirit in the creative process. (This idea is a large part of my new project exploring the role of creative bliss.)
The wise Monsieur France advises:
• • • 

To accomplish great things - Creativity Quotes - Danielle Raine


I’ve had this quote on my desktop as a virtual Stickie for a couple of years, for those times when I get stuck in Must-Plan-And-Do Land. (Ever been there?) 

But it’s such a favourite that I combined it with a picture that I love – of my youngest son, dreaming and believing as he climbs an ancient tree in the garden of Chatsworth House

(A great thing to accomplish by any 7-year-old’s standards…)


Till next week – here’s to your great things!

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