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It’s time for another hit of creative wisdom and this week’s creativity quote comes from one of my interior design heroes; the beautiful and inspiring Naomi Cleaver.
Naomi cleaver creativity interior design quotes
This quote is taken from Naomi’s gorgeous book; The Joy of Home.

The home is a subject very close to my heart and I love Naomi’s philosophy that our homes need to reflect our personality and match our current lifestyle.

(I can vouch that expensive/light-coloured decor is not the most stress-free option during the weaning phase…)

the joy of home by naomi cleaver
The Joy of Home explores the many challenges and opportunities involved in creating a home that both supports and inspires us. Naomi also has some refreshing insights into the nature of design and the creative process. 

So, I highly recommend this fabulous book. It’s beautifully laid out and an absolute joy to read.

And the featured interiors are as stylish as you’d expect from a designer of Naomi’s calibre. But they also look relaxed, practical and welcoming – as a home should be. 

As Naomi says; 

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“To design a home is to design happiness, 

to create for ourselves a little piece of joy.”


Till next week!

PS If you’d like more inspiring quote wisdom from my favourite interior designer, you can read more in this blog post on designing your life.

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