#27 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Eric Maisel (Again!)

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On dreaming big, being great & stepping up.

(Don’t worry, I’ll help.)


After last week’s epic post, I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

And it’s a newsflash / creativity quote combo!

Allow me to introduce my latest labour of love; a new offering for anyone who believes they have a book in them…

write that book 5 day ipad

This is a (FREE!) short course in getting clear, organised and inspired – so you can #writethatbook! (You know the one. 😉 )

Details here if you’re ready to get that book out of your head and into the hands of eager readers!

And to celebrate the launch, I wanted to combine this week’s creativity quote with a brief insight into the difference that expert support and guidance can make. 

So, here – in the eloquent words of my mentor, Eric Maisel – is the gist of what’s in store when you invest in creativity coaching;

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Eric Maisel creativity coaching quote

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And these things aren’t easy!

Which is why I have a ‘radical’ coaching philosophy (I believe we’re meant to enjoy the creative process!) and why I practice holistic creativity coaching. (Click here to find out more.

So if now’s the time to give your creative dreams a little TLC, I would be thrilled to (lovingly) nudge you towards that Great Work you know is inside you. 

Wishing you a vital and authentic week,  • • • 

Danielle Raine Creativity Coach


I'm a writer, designer + creativity coach.

I've been studying inspiration and the creative process for over 2 decades. (#obssessed)

And now I 1000% believe that healthy, joyful creative expression is essential for true happiness and success.

But, as any creative knows - it's not always an easy path.

So this is where I share what I've learned about finding more flow, more fulfilment and more joy along the way.


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