Creativity Blog 2021 – My year in blog posts


creativity blog 2021 inspiration wellbeing year in blog posts

Blogging was my creative therapy of choice in 2021. 

Here is the full collection of musings from my creativity blog for the year – a happy mix of inspiration, insights and stories to support your own adventures in this bumpy journey that is the creative life. 


danielle raine creativity coach
write a book on ipad keyboard case trello app outline tool

My favourite writing apps for iPad (Part 2)

My favourite writing apps for ipad or smartphones, as well as some support processes that I’m using to write my latest book.

heart stone bokeh lights

How to get what you want ( + feel good factor )

My 5am epiphany about how we can all get whatever it is that we want – and feel good about it!

bo cat christmas fairy lights

How to use numerology to choose your Word for the Year

If choosing a word for the year is proving to be a challenge, I invite you to choose your 2022 number instead…

introducing heaven hall creative retreat desktop vision board sq

Introducing… Heaven Hall (My vision & legacy-in-progress)

A vision for my work and life that has been percolating in my mind and heart for a number of years.

Paris chocolate boat

A quick tip for faster & more intuitive decision making

A quick tip to help you with any dilemmas that send you into a tailspin of confusion, second-guessing anxiety or analysis paralysis.

garden smiling buddha statue autumn leaves danielle raine creativity blog

The benefits of a Daily Practice (+ tips)

The many creative benefits of some type of daily practice, plus a few tips for your perfect practice.

yoga treetop balcony sq

How to believe in yourself more (A story of yoga & tiny miracles)

A tiny miracle I experienced during a yoga session that opened my eyes to the power of possibility thinking. 

the desire factor book by christy whitman

Short book reviews for creatives: The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

As an advocate of the creative powers of positive emotions, I found so much to love in the latest book from success coach Christy Whitman. 

gift voucher sq

The Gift Shift: How to find the blessings in disguise

A short story that might help you if you’re ever facing any kind of resistance, problem or challenge.

success is inevitable blog blossoming tulips & books

Further adventures in Life Design: Sharpening your axe

Sharing this revelation from my Life Design adventures as part of my ongoing mission to explain seemingly inexplicable results along the creative path.

woman writing in bed notebook crop sq

Writing therapy; the benefits of writing for healing, creativity & calm

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a writer, there are many valuable benefits to adopting some form of writing or journaling. Here are 12 ways that putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can be therapeutic.

rudding park retro orange designer armchair sq

The creative benefits of trying something new

If you’d like to enjoy more of the life-enhancing benefits of inspired living, one way to invite more creativity is to try new things.

z a novel of zelda fitzgerald therese anne fowler

Books For Writers : Z; A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

The absorbing novel that had me putting Paris on hold.

your invisible power by genevieve behrend book sunglasses sun lounger sq

Success is inevitable: The creative power of ideas

How your creative success can be inevitable! Inspired by the words and wisdom of Genevieve Behrend. 

woman relaxing in luxury hotel, summer holidays

Time-saving tip for creatives: The Faith Check-In

The insight that saves me hours of wasted time, energy and effort every week. (Also helps avoid wasting money, resources, unnecessary heartache and frustration.)

How somehow postcard inspiring gift for creatives

How ‘Build it & they will come’ didn’t work… Until it did.

A very happy report on the magic that can happen when you follow your dreams…

your creative life by design desktop lamp image

Intentional living quotes & blog posts

A collection from my ongoing adventures in the joys and benefits of intentional living

heart flower display yorkshire

Siteground WordPress Hosting Review (for bloggers & solopreneurs)

Why I recommend Siteground as a hosting provider, especially if you’re just starting with your first website and you’d like it be a smooth and happy experience.

teacup lamp

A creative approach to solving dilemmas

An idea that helps me a huge amount whenever I am facing a dilemma. (Which, as a balance-loving Libran, can happen quite a lot…)

enjoy the sunshine moleskine journey day planner

Introducing: Your Direct Route to Success (& happiness)

A funny thing happens in our minds when we mentally ‘leapfrog’ our challenges; something shifts. 

chanel no 5 paris eau de parfum iconic perfume bottle brand

Introduction to Hello Flow Practice #2 (Free Sample Extract)

Harnessing the power of our environment and physical surroundings to uplevel and revitalise our self-image and sense of deservingness. 

teacup lamp

Dharma phases: From Career Confusion to The Pursuit of Excellence

When you clear resistanct and discover your dharma… what’s next?

Question Mark Block

How to make peace with uncertainty

Some of the insights I’ve discovered about making peace with this inescapable – and potentially miraculous – aspect of creative living.

inner calm lotus small sq

Tips for Creative Confidence & Self-belief

A selection of ways to cultivate your self-belief – one of the cornerstones of faith.

twixmas woman windowsill mug thinking

The Calm of Twixmas

In praise of the special energies of this potent time – the closing of a year and the dawn of a new one. 

be kind & prosper pineapple bookshelf bokeh lights

Pineapple season is coming…

My ode to a new business mentor who completely upgraded my vision, my courage, my faith and – most importantly – my joy in my own entrepreneurial journey. 



... because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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