creative wellness :

a digital retreat for creatives with a focus on health & wellbeing

6 weeks.

6 beautiful workbooks.

6 steps to a healthier, happier creative flow.

Creative Wellness is a digital journey – designed to support you in establishing 6 wellness strategies that also boost your creativity.

One workbook each week.

One focus each week.

One doable step at a time. 

Baby steps, simple shifts, doable actions, gentle new-habit formation – this is how real, lasting, effective change is implemented into your life.

So you can enjoy the process. (Aka: your life.)

You’ll also receive regular check-in-&-cheer-on emails – to encourage, inspire and support you in installing these powerful new habits and changes.

Discover the life-enhancing connection between creativity and wellness.

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About Danielle

I’ve been a creative professional and student of the creative process for over 25 years.

In all that time, I’ve been tracking and testing which actions, habits and mindsets lead to an easier and more joyful creative life, as well as an inspired and healthful life balance.

I’m slightly obsessed by the link between creativity and wellness, and this course is a treasury of the most powerful strategies I’ve learned so far.

You can find more info about me, my work, blog and free tools for creatives here.


… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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