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Welcome to my new Creative Retreat Bundle!

In celebration and appreciation of the wealth of lovely breakthroughs I experienced in my recent Retreat Week, I’d love to provide the support, resources and inspiration for you to plan a Creative Retreat of your own.

After much thought about what would be the most helpful ingredients, I’ve put together the following bundle that will not only provide you with just enough (and not too much) for a short retreat, it will also support you in keeping up the momentum and inspired energy after your focus sessions are over.

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Retreat Bundle benefits – What you can expect?

Although it’s impossible to predict what lovely breakthroughs you’ll experience in your Creative Retreat, (which is part of the magic!), after spending some quality time with the material in this bundle, you can expect to enjoy the following:

A stronger and more playful connection with your creative self

An inspired commitment to prioritise your well-being

Less worry and anxiety (<the ripple effects of this are HUGE)

• An awareness of a crucial and joyful ingredient for your happiest success strategy

A life practice that will ensure you experience more delight and pleasure in your current life, as it is

• The mental and emotional calm that allows more inspired ideas and creative insights to flow in on a regular basis

Creative Retreat Bundle:

What’s included? 

laptop holistic creativity coaching starter kit online course crop

( Discover what’s possible with a holistic approach and a creative ally in your corner. )


creative faith online course laptop table

( Boost that all-important belief factor – so you can do the work you love with less resistance and more joy. )


success magnet formula online course product laptop mug pencils banner

( A small-yet-mighty formula for your happiest success. This could change the way you do everything… )


message from your muse daily prompts for creatives

( Ongoing support to keep you connected to your creative intuition and in touch with life’s magic. )

Retreat Weekend Special

This bundle is something of an experiment and I’m already planning to swap around some of the elements.

But for the duration of my Retreat Week, the above collection is available at a special Pay It Forward rate.

So, if this would be an inspiring and supportive way to devote some loving attention to your creative spirit and the goals that matter to you, feel free to claim this bundle while it’s available and then access the material whenever is convenient for you.

Plus, your payment is redeemable if you choose later to upgrade to the VIP All Access Pass. 

If you have any questions – please ask away.

Or if your creative self is already jumping up and down with a Yes Please, Let’s!, you can click the button to sign up and get immediate access to all your retreat goodies. 

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{ Bonus benefits if you take youre Creative Retreat somewhere beautiful! }

( In numerology, 7 is the number of introspection, retreat periods, spiritual awakening & deeper understanding. )

Retreat Time = Productivity & Breakthroughs

I hope this powerful little support package inspires you to carve out some fabulous retreat sessions for your beautiful and brilliant creative spirit.

Because so much lovely magic happens when we do – I’m still reeling with the happy benefits of my own retreat breakthroughs. 🙂 

And I dearly hope that the elements in this bundle help you to enjoy a breakthrough blend of focus, inspiration and ongoing support with your creative adventures. 

I’d LOVE to support you in designing the kind of Creative Retreat that will spark some fabulous new insights and the lit-up energy that fuels you to implement your vision. 

Because, as I learned this week, this kind of focused devotion and intentional Time Out can be extremely productive. 

It can also be a life-enhancing joy.  

And I’d love to share the benefits of this kind of retreat magic with you. 

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PS if you start enjoying similar breakthroughs that inspire you to offer some kind of Pay It Forward gesture – please let me know! (I may have an additional Bonus Gift for you… 🙂 )


PPS If you’d love nothing more than a Creative Retreat but you feel you just can’t spare the time to focus on your beloved creative plans, I have it on good authority that retreating from the busyness can a smart strategy for achieving more.

More details in this blog post if you’d like to harness the many benefits of this kind of productive Time Out.

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A treat for your creative spirit…

Creative Retreat Bundle:


Holistic Creativity Coaching Starter Kit

(Online Course + Coaching Q&A)

The Creative Faith Collection

(Online Course + Coaching Q&A)

The Success Magnet Formula

(Self-Paced Online Course)

A Message From Your Muse

(6 Week Daily Prompts Series Via Email)


Lifetime access to your materials

in your own private learning portal

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Click to Buy Now and get immediate access to your Creative Retreat materials.

“Notice when flow happens, and change your life to make it happen more often.”

Vishen Lakhiani

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