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Are you ready for shifts? 

Creative Reboot is a week of 1:1 creativity coaching via email to help you rediscover your innate access to inspiration, creativity and flow.

If you’ve been feeling that you’ve lost your spark, that creative fire that used to fuel your life and work is MIA, this short reboot programme will kick-start some new shifts and an upward spiral of positive effects.


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CAUTION: May cause magical side-effects

Only explore this option if you are open to delightful ripple effects & a range of positive shifts.

When you devote some loving attention to your creative spirit – shifts happen, and fast!

Here are some of the side-effects you can look forward to when you embark on a Creative Reboot, based on the unexpected results enjoyed by my Creativity Coaching clients:

If you feel pulled towards this or another of Danielle’s courses don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet.

I can’t even put it into words how much you will get out of them.

It’s a wonderful, fun and enlightening experience.”

Susanne Kurz

A new sense of freedom and lightness

Improvements in physical health and energy

Spiritual breakthroughs

Increased confidence

New and improved self-image

Relationship harmony

Life-changing insights

A new sense of meaning and satisfaction

Stronger sense of identity

More joy, contentment and playfulness

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After 3 decades of study and practice, I’ve learned that joyful, soul-aligned creative expression can be a fast-track to a life of health, wealth, happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

My work is designed for people who feel called to that vision.

I help them with the mindset, energy, resources and structure they need to;

• do the creative work that their soul is craving

• design and create the best possible version of their everyday life
(if it’s possible – why not go for the best?)

• discover their dharma, purpose and right livelihood

& enjoy the journey.

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What's included?

1 x 30-minute Introductory Phone Call (Optional)

1 x week (Mon-Fri) of workshopping and coaching via email, focused on your creative life, vision and energy.

2 x follow-up coaching sessions – you can choose either weekly or monthly, so that you can balance the support and implementation schedule that works for you.

Your choice of complementary online course from Creative Well.

Immediate access to The Success Magnet Formula as soon as you enroll

 NEW BONUS! Access to Review & Renew to support your ongoing momentum and progress



What's results can I expect?

These are the main results we’ll be working towards;

blue tick check circle  Enjoying a new creative energy.

blue tick check circle  Feeling good about your unique expression and gifts.

blue tick check circle  Improving access to inspiration.

blue tick check circle  Aligning with more meaning and fulfilment.

blue tick check circle  Exploring a creative vision that excites you.


What's the format?

If you’d like to connect in person initially, we can begin with an introductory phone call.

This is optional and there’s no agenda for this call, other than for us to connect.

After that, I’ll be sharing with you a suite of materials to help you enjoy an inspiring reboot in your creative life.

The heart of the process, however, is simple email coaching.

There are many benefits to this coaching format – you can read more about those here.

The basis of this Virtual Workshop is simply an ongoing focus on your unique creative needs, backed by my experience, expertise and the powerful frameworks I’ve developed.

Essentially, it’s just me and you focusing our brilliant minds on rebooting your creativity and recalibrating your life to enjoy more inspiration and flow.


What modalities do you use?

The core of the workshop will be based on my training and experience in Creativity Coaching. (You can read more about my credentials and calling here.)

My speciality is a holistic approach, one that honours your complexity as a multi-faceted human. We incorporate a mind, body and spirit approach that results in beneficial ripple effects across your entire life.

You can read more about the magic of this approach here: Holistic Creativity Coaching Benefits

I’ll also be including the insights I’ve learned from studying complementary modalities including;

Life Design : I’ve been a designer my entire working life and I’ve been practicing Life Design for over a decade – with incredible results. You can read more about my Life By Design journey here.

Dharma theory : I fell in love with this topic in 2013 and I’ve been studying and experimenting with this focus ever since. You can read more about that here.

Numerology : This has been a practical tool I’ve used for almost 10 years. You can read more about my experience with numerology here.

Human Design, Gene Keys & BG5 : This is a relatively new area of study for me, so it will be used more for asking inspiring questions than a formal reading or blueprint.

I’ll also be bringing to the process the mindset tools I’ve developed through coaching many creatives seeking more expression, fufillment, inspiration and success.

And of course, I’ll be including my own hard-won lessons and insights.

I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned about resparking your brilliant creative spirit, so that you can experience the numerous delightful ripple effects of living in more flow.


What's your expertise?

With over a decade of Creativity Coaching expertise, specialising in themes of aligned expression, access to inspiration, flow productivity, I’ve developed some simple frameworks for enjoying more success in these vitally important areas.

I’ve honed a clear process for identifying where creative people are stuck, and what it will take to get them back to their innate creativity. 

I also have almost 30 years experience as a designer, skills I’ve honed in recent years to apply to the exciting arena of Lifestyle Design, which can help to cultivate the habits and practices that support creative thriving. 


What's the Refund Policy?

This is a 1:1 Virtual Workshop which is based on private coaching, with some resources available immediately upon enrollment.

As such, all sales are final.

I invest heavily in the creatives I work with on a 1:1 basis, and I require an equal commitment from my clients.

If you’re not feeling strongly called to this offer, I recommend exploring my blog, my books or my online courses which may be more aligned for this stage of your journey.

Or if you’d like my 2-Second Test For When To Invest, you can find out more about that here.

And of course, I’m always happy to answer any particular questions that would help you make the right decision for you, so feel free to get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you!


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Are you ready to spark a new, revitalised energy in your creative life and work?


five stars

“I feel so much more positive and clear on my direction, and I really have to thank you for that!”

Sally Harrison

Money Coach

five stars

“I can already feel the uniqueness of the email coaching approach.

It is unlike any coaching I’ve experienced before.

It’s actually very rich and deep. ”

Kate Johnson

Teacher & Coach

five stars

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive, working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life.”

Rhoda Shapiro

Actress & Author

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